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  • September 15, 2009

The UMCOR Hotline

In Today's Hotline:

*WORLDWIDE: Relief Supplies Needed

*DRC: Support Aviation Ministry

*US: Churches Unite for HIV Testing Day

*JFON: Immigration Awareness


During the summer, volunteers worked tirelessly at UMCOR Sager Brown and UMCOR West, assembling international shipments of relief supplies worth more than $100,000 to people around the world.

With the high level of need for these life sustaining materials, UMCOR is counting on you to replenish the stock of supplies particularly at the newest depot, UMCOR West depot in Salt Lake City, Utah.

UMCOR West, which provides opportunities for kit ministry at churches in the Western Jurisdiction, can use your help in filling the shelves of its 22,000 square foot warehouse. Your gifts will purchase relief supply materials and equip UMCOR to respond to those most in need.

Please continue to support UMCOR Sager Brown and UMCOR West Depot with your gifts to Material Resources, UMCOR Advance #901440. Click the button to give now online


Congolese United Methodist churches struggle to operate or maintain aviation programs because of limited resources within their own local economy. Most missionary aircraft run on aviation gasoline, which is very expensive and in short supply in Africa.

Through the United Methodist Aviation Ministries (UMAM), an UMCOR program, the agency is working with the West Ohio Annual Conference and Global Ministries’ missionary pilot Gaston Ntambo for Wings of Morning Ministry serving North Katanga, to raise funds for a new jet-fueled plane.

The Cessna Caravan turbo-prop, which uses jet fuel just like a commercial airliner, will fly faster, further, and carry twice the passenger load. The plane will serve as an air ambulance to transport the sick to emergency care, deliver relief supplies to the most vulnerable in Africa, and bring church leaders to remote areas of ministry.

Help UMCOR raise funds for a new jet-fueled plane that will bring hope to many lives in Africa. Give to UMCOR Aviation Project, Advance #3019626. Online Giving


In Baton Rouge, La., seven churches of different denominations served as HIV testing sites in an event sponsored by the Louisiana Annual Conference last month.

Approximately 60 people were tested for the HIV virus and received their test results within 20 minutes. Testing supplies, testing personnel and counselors were on-hand to help from the Louisiana Department of Health.

The goal of the event was to increase awareness about HIV/AIDS, help reduce stigma, and document the process for a manual that will be later produced for United Methodist groups in other areas of the state. The Louisiana conference will hold another testing event on World AIDS Day, Dec. 1.

Support HIV/AIDS events like these by giving to the United Methodist Global AIDS Fund, UMCOR Advance #982345. Online Giving


A new, moving video from the Justice for Our Neighbor’s (JFON) Tennessee clinic depicts the daily events experienced by immigrants in Nashville. This after the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department entered a 287(g) section agreement (Immigration and Nationality Act) with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in 2007.

The statute allows law enforcement officials the right to arrest anyone they suspect of being in the US without documentation. However, immigrants are often inconvenienced, arrested or harassed without real cause. Many immigrants are taken to jail for minor incidents.

The presentation was delivered to faith leaders by the Rev. Gary Henderson, United Methodist Communication Global Health, to help raise awareness on the affects of the 287(g) law has on families and children. He urged clergy to communicate the message back to their churches and communities and to get involved in immigration reform.

Click here to watch the video. To support JFON, please give to JFON, UMCOR Advance #901285. Online Giving

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