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  • August 04, 2009

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*US: United Methodists Train for Future Disaster

*PHILIPPINES: Developing Partnerships


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On Aug. 1, about 60 United Methodists from five Texas counties assembled at First United Methodist Church in Groves for an UMCOR-sponsored Disaster Early Responder training, as reported by The Port Arthur News, Texas. Disaster preparedness training is a major component of UMCOR’s US Disaster Response program.

During the day-long training, participants learned how use a chainsaw, pile debris, clean mud from homes, repair sheetrock and install blue tarps in preparation of a future disaster.

“This is an opportunity to show the world the United Methodist Church cares about their plight. It’s an opportunity for Christian service and an opportunity to do something physical, something tangent with your hands,” said trainer Chris Norton to The Port Arthur News.

After training, participants are certified as early responders and travel to other parts of the country, or help out at home when a disaster strikes. View UMCOR’s training calendar online to locate disaster trainings near your local church or community. Please also give to Domestic Disaster Response, UMCOR Advance #901670. Click the button to give now online


Following the disaster response training in late July at UMCOR Philippines, UMCOR’s newest office, UMCOR began making connections with potential partners in the region.

Melissa Crutchfield, head of UMCOR’s International Disaster Response and Amador Sabado, the disaster response coordinator for the Apayao province, met with Henry Caluducum of the government’s provincial center. Caluducum is responsible for the government’s response to natural disasters in Apayao, which provides temporary housing, food, and basic commodities when needed.

The Philippines, which is particularly vulnerable to flash floods, landslides and typhoons, is observing a national month of disaster readiness. The government office was recently opened in commemoration of this special month. “We welcome the opportunity to collaborate and develop report with UMCOR,” said Caluducum of UMCOR's new office in the Philippines.

To volunteer with UMCOR Philippines, please contact Ciony Eduarte, office manager, at Support for the new office can be made through Philippines Emergency, UMCOR Advance #240235. Online Giving


Interested in learning what a “Gully Sucker” is? Would you rather experience the cheers of thousands of Zimbabwean children as they receive UMCOR school kits? Perhaps you want to learn how a new UMCOR home is changing someone’s life in Sri Lanka? Well, now you can.

Through the UMCOR Notebook, you can share in the experience of “being there” with UMCOR in the field. Read personal stories submitted by UMCOR staff, volunteers or field staff as they work to bring relief to those in need around the world.

The UMCOR Notebook will be updated regularly and includes inspirational stories of how lives are being changed through UMCOR’s relief and recovery work. Open the UMCOR Notebook now and find out what inspires UMCOR staff.

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And, please pray for those who are hungry, displaced, sick or in poverty because of these and other natural and human-made disasters, and for the workers who minister to them.

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