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  • June 30, 2009

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*GHANA: School for the Blind Receives Water Service

*DRC: Educating Communities on Maternal Issues

*JFON: Realizing the American Dream

*LIBERIA: UMCOR Training Brings Increase


UMCOR recently supported the construction of an elevated water storage project at the Wa Methodist School for the Blind in Ghana, West Africa. The project was overseen by the Methodist Church of Ghana’s Methodist Development and Relief Services (MDRS) as part of its Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Program.

The presiding bishop, the Rev. Robert K. Aboagye-Mensah of the Methodist Church in Ghana, donated a storage tank in honor of the school’s 50th anniversary. The children at Ridgewood United Methodist Church in Ridgewood, New Jersey, donated funds to provide a stand and plumbing to connect the existing borehole to the storage tank.

The project allows full water service to the dorms and kitchens, independent of electrical service to the Wa Methodist School for the Blind. You can support future water and sanitation projects in Ghana by giving to Ghana Water Projects, UMCOR Advance #3020588. Click the button to give now online


Christine is a 13 year-old girl in Kapanga, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Following traditional customs, Christine is already married and has given birth to her first child. Because she was pregnant before she was physically mature, she had a Caesarean section.

Her baby, Stephen, was hospitalized in the UMCOR-supported Samuteb Memorial United Methodist Hospital in Kapanga for diarrhea, anemia and malnutrition. He was treated for malaria and worms. When he was nine months old, Stephen died after contracting measles.

UMCOR Health is supporting Samuteb Memorial Hospital in its educational outreach to Kapanga communities about the health risks associated with physically underdeveloped girls having babies. Like Christine who was poorly nourished herself, young girls do not produce enough breast milk to feed their babies, or they endanger their baby’s health when they deliver their babies at home. Samuteb Hospital teams travel from village to village educating leaders and parents about maternal death risks and how to avoid future incidences.

Support this work by giving to Hospital Revitalization, UMCOR Advance #982168. Online Giving


David Sarsozo*, his wife Ana* and their two young children, came to the US in search of the American dream. David and Ana worked hard to make that dream come true while adding two more children to their family.

In 2003, Ana died tragically in a car accident. David moved to Omaha to live with his son Humberto*. In 2004, Humberto, with the assistance of a Justice For Our Neighbors (JFON) attorney, submitted an application for permanent residency for his father. Since Humberto was born in the US, the application was quickly approved and David received his green card.

Five years later, David was eligible to apply for naturalization, and returned to JFON for assistance. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services approved his application and now David eagerly awaits the fulfillment of his dream—his swearing-in ceremony.

Support this ministry by giving to JFON, UMCOR Advance # 901285. Online Giving

*not their real names.


Daniel, 42, is a small farmer in Caldwell Village, Liberia. Before participating in UMCOR’s Integrated Crop and Pest Management (ICPM) training, he struggled to support his family.

After implementing new farming techniques learned through UMCOR’S ICPM training, Daniel was able to afford the construction of a new home and purchase one acre of land to expand his vegetable farm. His harvest is increasing thanks to UMCOR training. Today, he grows corn, pepper, cabbage and eggplant in addition to other produce.

Most farmers who receive direct training through UMCOR’s Sustainable Agriculture and Development (SA&D) Program improve their livelihoods. UMCOR-trained farmers are also encouraged to share information with other farmers so that entire communities can prosper.

Help farmers like Daniel earn wages to support their families by sending your gifts to UMCOR-SA&D, UMCOR Advance #982188. Online Giving

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