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The UMCOR Hotline SRI LANKA: A Home at Last; HAITI: Storm Relief; UMCOR: One Great Hour of Sharing; DRC: Union UMC Unites with Congo; RESOURCES: Afghanistan
The UMCOR Hotline US: Ohio Church Helps Sudan; LIBERIA: In the Honey Business; US: United Methodists Show Fair Trade Support; JFON: Reuniting a Family; UMCOR: One Great Hour of Sharing
The UMCOR Hotline UMCOR: Providing Refuge-One Great Hour of Sharing; SUDAN: Returning Home with Hope; LIBERIA: Restoring Fields; INDONESIA: Learning About Hygiene; US: Fitness for the Elderly
The UMCOR Hotline US: Dakota Flood Preparation; LIBERIA: Saving Lives; INDONESIA: Water and Sanitation Education; DRC: Leaders Learn about Health; UMCOR: Thank You for Giving!
The UMCOR Hotline US: Flood and Tornado Response; COLOMBIA: Fair Trade Rewards; US: Conference to Develop Health Ministries; GHANA: A Little Goes a Long Way