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UMCOR Hotline Archives 2009

The UMCOR Hotline gives up-to-date information about emergency and ongoing responses of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). You can be a part of this work.

The UMCOR Hotline GAZA: Providing Medicine and Food; US: Iowa Flood Recovery; ARMENIA: Protecting Survivors of Trafficking; US: Raising the Bar for Souper Bowl Giving; RESOURCES: Zimbabwe-New Report to Donors
The UMCOR Hotline GAZA: On Watch for Relief Entry; ZIMBABWE: Generous Donations Help Zimbabwe; JFON: Seeking Asylum in the US; UMCOR: 100-Ton Challenge Over Halfway Mark
The UMCOR Hotline GAZA: Working Toward Relief; US: Eco-Palms for Fair Wages; US: UMC Clergy Reach Out to Iran and Azerbaijan; US: Souper Bowl Sunday – Feb 1.
The UMCOR Hotline ZIMBABWE: Grain Arrives for the Hungry; AFGHANISTAN: Staying Warm in Winter; LIBERIA: A Green Lifesaver; US: Helping the Hungry on Souper Bowl Sunday; RESOURCES: One Great Hour of Sharing-Bulletin Insert
The UMCOR Hotline US: Winter Storm Recovery; GAZA: Responding to Needs; US: Support Fair Trade with Eco-Palms; SOUTH AFRICA: A Place of Hope; UMCOR: One Great Hour of Sharing
The UMCOR Hotline AFGHANISTAN: Winter Worries; SOUTH AFRICA: Overcoming Hunger; JFON: Hope for the Future; US: Choose Fair Trade Chocolate on Valentine’s Day; UMCOR: One Great Hour of Sharing -March 22
The UMCOR Hotline US: Oklahoma Tornado Response; SIERRE LEONE: A Gift for Malaria Prevention; DRC: AIDS Education; US: Eco-Palm Benefits; RESOURCES: One Great Hour of Sharing
The UMCOR Hotline ZIMBABWE: More Relief Arrives; KENYA: Hope for Orphans; UMCOR: UMCOR Hires Executive for Salt Lake City; US: Eco-Palms Help Rural Communities; RESOURCES: One Great Hour of Sharing
The UMCOR Hotline SRI LANKA: A Home at Last; HAITI: Storm Relief; UMCOR: One Great Hour of Sharing; DRC: Union UMC Unites with Congo; RESOURCES: Afghanistan
The UMCOR Hotline US: Ohio Church Helps Sudan; LIBERIA: In the Honey Business; US: United Methodists Show Fair Trade Support; JFON: Reuniting a Family; UMCOR: One Great Hour of Sharing
The UMCOR Hotline UMCOR: Providing Refuge-One Great Hour of Sharing; SUDAN: Returning Home with Hope; LIBERIA: Restoring Fields; INDONESIA: Learning About Hygiene; US: Fitness for the Elderly
The UMCOR Hotline US: Dakota Flood Preparation; LIBERIA: Saving Lives; INDONESIA: Water and Sanitation Education; DRC: Leaders Learn about Health; UMCOR: Thank You for Giving!
The UMCOR Hotline US: Flood and Tornado Response; COLOMBIA: Fair Trade Rewards; US: Conference to Develop Health Ministries; GHANA: A Little Goes a Long Way
The UMCOR Hotline US: Red River Flood Recovery; UMCOR: Buy Fair Trade Chocolate; US: New Birthing Kits; JFON: New Guardians;
The UMCOR Hotline US: Tornado Response; CHILE: Flood Recovery; US: Church Learns About Child Labor; EVENT: Anti-Hunger Concert ; RESOURCES: Nets and Knowledge - New Photo Slide Show
The UMCOR Hotline US: Peace and Justice Served With Coffee; RESOURCES: World Malaria Day-April 25; US: Filling a Need; DRC: Farmers Produce New Foods; SUDAN: Improving Health for Thousands
The UMCOR Hotline SRI LANKA: Emergency Relief for the Displaced; US: Six Graders Raise Funds for Haiti; MYANMAR: Long-Term Recovery; Support: LIBERIA: Restoring a War-Torn Community; RESOURCES: World Fair Trade Day—New Church Bulletin
The UMCOR Hotline ZIMBABWE: Maize Distribution Brings Relief to Zimbabwe; RESOURCES: World Fair Trade Day-May 9; MEXICO: UMCOR Helps in Swine Flu Prevention; US: UMCOR West Depot Opens May 30; EVENT: Anti-Hunger Concert- May 7
The UMCOR Hotline UMCOR: New Ryckman Fund Sets Malaria Challenge; HAITI: Birthing Kits Are Essential in Rural Communities; US: Coffee Helps Church Become Better Stewards; JFON: Legal Help; RESOURCES: Starting a Health Ministry?
The UMCOR Hotline MOZAMBIQUE: Health Education and Training; SAGER BROWN: Helping Communities in Home Repair; BURUNDI: Alleviating Hunger; SOUTH AFRICA: Providing Refuge
The UMCOR Hotline PAKISTAN: Helping the Displaced; HONDURAS: Building Homes; SOUTH AFRICA: Supporting Hunger Projects; RESOURCES: World Refugee Day, June 20
The UMCOR Hotline SRI LANKA: Helping the Displaced US: Preparing for the Storm LIBERIA: Electrical Power for Ganta Hospital UMCOR: UMCOR West Opens! RESOURCES: World Refugee Day Newsletter
The UMCOR Hotline ZIMBABWE: Food Relief for Students and Teachers; WORLDWIDE: Support Needed for International Disaster Fund; US: Restoring Homes; US: Pastor Ordination; UMCOR: Thank You for 100-Ton Support
The UMCOR Hotline MYANMAR: Helping Refugees; RESOURCES: World Refugee Day, June 20; US: UMC Conference Attendees Go Green; UMCOR: New Relief Supplies Newsletter; JFON: Protecting Vulnerable Women and Children
The UMCOR Hotline UMCOR: Help Meet Malaria Challenge; RESOURCES: International Disaster Fund-Church Bulletin; SOUTH AFRICA: Caring For Refugees; HAITI: Hot Meals for Children
The UMCOR Hotline GHANA: School for the Blind Receives Water Service; DRC: Educating Communities on Maternal Issues; JFON: Realizing the American Dream; LIBERIA: UMCOR Training Brings Increase
The UMCOR Hotline SIERRE LEONE: Grant Expands Kissy Hospital; US: Alaska Floods; SRI LANKA: Water for the Displaced; JFON: Helping Future Clergy
The UMCOR Hotline US: Experiencing the Life of a Refugee; CENTRAL ASIA: Health Education; US: “Drink it for Justice”; DRC: Reviving Samuteb Hospital
The UMCOR Hotline PHILLIPPINES: UMCOR Opens New Office; US: Clothes for Arriving Refugees; ZIMBABWE: Cheering for Pencils; JFON: Restoring Temporary Status
The UMCOR Hotline PHILIPPINES: UMCOR’s Opening Day; RESOURCES: US Disaster Response—Church Bulletin; SRI LANKA: UMCOR Homes Change Lives; EVENT: “Made in LA”
The UMCOR Hotline US: United Methodists Train for Future Disaster; PHILIPPINES: Developing Partnerships; UMCOR: Experience the Field -UMCOR Notebook
The UMCOR Hotline PHILIPPINES: Typhoon Response; US: Flooded Church Stays Mission Focused; KENYA: Feeding the Hungry; SOUTH AFRICA: SHADE Provides Refuge; MEXICO: UMCOR Supplies Give Hope to Migrants
The UMCOR Hotline US: Clean Up Efforts in Western NY; PHILIPPINES: Responding to Needs Following Typhoon; INDONESIA: School Receives New Water and Sanitation Facility; SRI LANKA: Menik Farm IDP Camp Prepares for Monsoon Season; US: Yellowstone Conference Contributes to UMCOR West
The UMCOR Hotline SRI LANKA: Out of Poverty; US: “We Are UMCOR”; ZAMBIA: Providing Life Skills; US: Fair Trade “To Go”; RESOURCES:Birthing a Dream-New Church Bulletin
The UMCOR Hotline SRI LANKA: Born to Fish; US: Miracle Choir; RESOURCES: Reverse Trick-or-Treat; EVENT: National Depression Screening Day, Oct. 8
The UMCOR Hotline KENYA: Clergy and Spouses Collaborate on HIV/AIDS; GEORGIA: A “Gateway” for Special Needs Children; US: Bread for the World Sunday; EVENT: Change the World Conference, Oct. 22-23
The UMCOR Hotline WORLDWIDE: Relief Supplies Needed; DRC: Support Aviation Ministry; US: Churches Unite for HIV Testing Day; JFON: Immigration Awareness;
The UMCOR Hotline US: Southwest Texas Flooding; COLOMBIA: Helping Refugees; US: UMCOR West Gets a “Lift”; RESOURCES: World AIDS Day, Dec. 1
The UMCOR Hotline PHILIPPINES: Typhoon Ketsana Response; ARMENIA: World Food Day, Oct. 16; JFON: Setting a Captive Free; EVENT: Mental Illness Awareness Week
The UMCOR Hotline WORLDWIDE: UMCOR Responds to Recent Disasters; RESOURCES: Emergency Response Church Bulletin and Power Point Slide
The UMCOR Hotline WORLDWIDE: Help Disaster Survivors; RESOURCES: World Food Day, Oct. 16; GEORGIA: Bringing Home the “Dough”; JFON: Bay Area JFON Successfully Launched; EVENT: Change the World Conference
The UMCOR Hotline US: Churches Respond to South Pacific Disaster; RESOURCES: World AIDS Day, Dec. 1; US: UMCOR Directors Approve Funding for Hunger Programs; ARMENIA: Help for a Boy with TB
The UMCOR Hotline PHILIPPINES: Helping Disaster Survivors; INDONESIA: Earthquake Relief; INDIA: Flood Response; ZAMBIA: Bicycles for Home Care Givers
The UMCOR Hotline GEORGIA: Medical Supplies Arrive in Georgia; RESOURCES: New AIDS Educational Kit and Photo Slide Show; MALAWI: Helping Orphans, Empowering Women; US: Best Practices for H1N1
The UMCOR Hotline PHILIPPINES: Volunteers Distribute Relief ; UMCOR: 2009 Gift Catalog is Here!; CAMBODIA: Typhoon Ketsana Response; US: UMCOR Disaster Exec Awarded for Social Awareness
The UMCOR Hotline PHILIPPINES: Typhoon Recovery UMCOR: UMCOR Receives Second Four-Star Rating US: Training for Disaster Response DRC: Restore Wings of Relief EVENT: Immigration Reform
The UMCOR Hotline PHILIPPINES: Relief Work Continues SRI LANKA: Training Teachers and Youth About HIV/AIDS; US: Helping Survivors of Torture; RESOURCES: World AIDS Day, Dec 1.; WORLDWIDE: Shop UMCOR’s Gift Catalog
The UMCOR Hotline CHILE: Disaster Response Training; KENYA: Education Gives Hope to Children Orphaned by AIDS; JFON: Helping Asylum Seekers; UMCOR: Give a Gift that Serves Others; RESOURCES: World AIDS Day, Dec. 1
The UMCOR Hotline MEXICO: Hurricane Recovery; SUDAN: Kit Distribution; ARMENIA: A Clinic Restored; KENYA: Window of Hope
The UMCOR Hotline PHILIPPINES: UMCOR Expands Typhoon Response; BOLIVIA: Fasting For the Gift of Water; US: Sing Fair Trade Carols; UMCOR: Gifts That Change Lives
The UMCOR Hotline ZIMBABWE: A Door to Zimbabwe; UMCOR: UMCOR Opens New Offices; JFON: JFON Adds Bay Area Clinic; SIERRE LEONE: Gifts Increase Health Capacity; UMCOR: UMCOR Initiates Fair Trade Challenge; SAGER BROWN: UMCOR Adds New Birthing Kit; CHILE: UMCOR Builds Disaster Response Network; RESOURCES: New Tools for UM Churches; WORLDWIDE: UMCOR Responds to Three Emergencies; COLOMBIA: UMCOR Expands Micro-Enterprise For Refugees
The UMCOR Hotline 2010 marks UMCOR’s 70th birthday. In this milestone of hope, which continues to bring relief to millions of people around the world, UMCOR takes up a memorial stone in honor of God’s compassionate work through United Methodists everywhere. This special UMCOR Hotline highlights some of UMCOR’s 70 years of hope in a celebratory timeline that demonstrate the principles of Micah 6:8.