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UMCOR Hotline Archives 2008

The UMCOR Hotline gives up-to-date information about emergency and ongoing responses of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). You can be a part of this work.

The UMCOR Hotline KENYA: UMCOR Offers Relief; SIERRA LEONE: Medicine in Need; WORLDWIDE: Souper Bowl of Caring; RESOURCES: UMCOR'S Calendar-It's Not Too Late
The UMCOR Hotline US: Mississippi Tornado Response; AFRICA: Bringing Relief to Kenya; JFON: Helping People Know Their Rights; UMCOR: One Great Hour of Sharing - March 2, 2008
The UMCOR Hotline AFRICA: Mozambique Flood Response Worldwide: All Africa Famine; US: Refugees and Locals Share a Meal ; US: Souper Bowl Sunday
The UMCOR Hotline KENYA: Recovery Continues; US: Souper Bowl of Caring; SOUTHERN AFRICA: SHADE Offers Hope; UMCOR: One Great Hour of Sharing
The UMCOR Hotline MOZAMBIQUE: Flood Recovery SUDAN: Medicines for Mobile Clinics INDONESIA: Hope After the Tsunami US: SouperBowl Success UMCOR: One Great Hour of Sharing
The UMCOR Hotline US: UMCOR Responds to “Super Tuesday Tornadoes”; AFRICA: An Airlift of Hope; ISRAEL: Peace Building; UMCOR: One Great Hour of Sharing
The UMCOR Hotline US: “Super Tuesday” Tornado Recovery; KENYA: Help Kenya Increase Their Food Supply; US: Think Green on Palm Sunday; UMCOR: One Great Hour of Sharing
The UMCOR Hotline UMCOR SAGER BROWN: Kit Supplies Are Low; US: Alabama Tornado Response; UMCOR: One Great Hour of Sharing is This Sunday; US: Across Lands
The UMCOR Hotline UGANDA: Hope and Relief for Kenya Refugees; US: Katrina Volunteers Show Continued Support; UMCOR: Thank You For Your Giving; RESOURCES: Satisfying Hunger in Armenia—New Report to Donors
The UMCOR Hotline US: Attend “Lighten the Burden II”; AZERBAIJAN: A Bright Future Secured; UMCOR Sager Brown: Kit Supplies Needed; LIBERIA: A Home to Call My Own
The UMCOR Hotline US: Wilfires Recovery; DRC: Supporting Girls Education; US: Mississippi Tornado Recovery; Mozambique: Malaria-Preventing Nets
The UMCOR Hotline US: Midwest Flood Response; Sudan: Helping Students Stay in School; Zimbabwe: Caring for Refugees; US: The Power of a Penny
The UMCOR Hotline US: Flood Buckets for the Midwest; JFON: Help in Time of Need; US: Lighten the Burden II Event; Event: Africa Malaria Day—April 25
The UMCOR Hotline US: Arkansas Tornado Response; DRC: Crops Yield Good Results; US: Illinois Flood Recovery; Resources: Africa Malaria Day—New Church Bulletin
The UMCOR Hotline US: Nevada Flood Recovery; Sierre Leone: Spreading the Word About Malaria; JFON: Reuniting Families; World Malaria Day—Take Action on April 25; US: Register for Lighten the Burden II
The UMCOR Hotline SOUTH SUDAN: Helping Teachers Do Their Job; SAGER BROWN: Depot of Hope; UMCOR’S 100-TON CHALLENGE Begins May 10; WORLDWIDE: Resources for World Malaria Day—April 25; UMCOR: One Great Hour of Sharing Goes Online
The UMCOR Hotline SIERRE LEONE: Restoring Health; UMCOR: Join UMCOR’s 100-Ton Challenge; DRC: A First of Special Deliveries; RESOURCES: World Fair Trade Day—New Church Bulletin; SAGER BROWN: Order Depot of Hope DVD
The UMCOR Hotline MYANMAR: Cyclone Nargis Response; US: Tornado Responses; SIERRE LEONE: Helping Expectant Moms; WORLD FAIR TRADE DAY— Join UMCOR’s 100-Ton Challenge
The UMCOR Hotline CHINA: Earthquake Response US: Helping Tornado Survivors MYANMAR: UMCOR Delivers Relief UMCOR Receives Four-Star Rating from Charity Navigator UMCOR 100-Ton Challenge Kicks-Off
The UMCOR Hotline CHINA: Amity Foundation Helps China Survivors; MYANMAR: Cyclone Nargis Recovery; US: In the Footsteps of Jesus; EVENT: Recipe of Hope Campaign
The UMCOR Hotline US: Tornadoes Cause Extensive Damage Across the Midwest; CHINA and Myanmar: Partnering to Bring Relief; US: Preparing a Home for Newcomers; DRC: Seeds for the Harvest; JFON: Crossing Over
The UMCOR Hotline SOUTH AFRICA: UMCOR Assists Survivors of Violence; IVORY COAST: Texas and Côte d’Ivoire Annual Conferences Join Forces to Fight Malaria; US: United Methodists Express Support for the Immigrant Community in Postville; US: Hurricane Season Begins, Flood Buckets Needed; EVENT: Empowering Health Ministries Conference
The UMCOR Hotline ZIMBABWE: UMCOR Responds to Needs In Politically Charged Zimbabwe; US: Small Churches Doing Big Ministries; WORLDWIDE: Resources Addressing the Food Crisis; SAGER BROWN: Depot of Hope; WORLDWIDE: World Refugee Day is June 20
The UMCOR Hotline US: Midwest Flood Response; MYANMAR: Receiving Relief; ARMENIA: Providing Quality Care; UMCOR: Coffee Challenge News; EVENT: Register Early for Health Ministries Conference
The UMCOR Hotline US: Assisting Flood Survivors; DRC: Educating Boys; GHANA: An Increasing Harvest; RESOURCES: Protecting the Innocent—New Church Bulletin
The UMCOR Hotline US: Flood Bucket Need is Urgent; PHILIPPINES: Typhoon Fengshen Response; SOUTH AFRICA: SHADE— Providing Hunger Relief; UMCOR: East Ohio Annual Conference Supports 100-Ton Challenge; EVENT: UMCOR Sager Brown— Life on the Bayou Teche
The UMCOR Hotline COLUMBIA: Bringing Hope and Life; LIBERIA: Ganta UMC Hospital Needs Power Overhaul; HAITI: Hot Lunches for Summer Bible School; AZERBAIJAN: Realized Potential; EVENT: Change the World Conference
The UMCOR Hotline US: Help Midwest Flood Survivors; ARMENIA: Returning Home; US: New Moms Get Help; GHANA: Small Beginnings; EVENT: The Empowering Ministries of Health Conference
The UMCOR Hotline GHANA: Expanding Food Supplies; LIBERIA: Curamericas Helps Ganta UM Hospital; NICARAGUA: Improved Lives; INDONESIA: School Events Promote Good Hygiene; EVENT: Change the World Conference
The UMCOR Hotline US: Hurricane Dolly Response; KENYA: Hope in Uncertainty; ARMENIA: Pursuing Peace; LIBERIA: Helping the Undernourished; EVENT: The Empowering Ministries of Health Conference
The UMCOR Hotline LIBERIA: New Life for Women in Liberia; IRAQ: Providing Relief; JFON: A Winning Battle; UMCOR: Helping Farmers Survive the Economy; RESOURCES: Kenya, Not Forgotten-New Church Bulletin
The UMCOR Hotline GEORGIA: Emergency Response US: Iowa Training Helps Flood Survivors; LIBERIA: All-Around Success; ARMENIA: Nutritious Cheese; SAGER BROWN: Depot of Hope DVD
The UMCOR Hotline GEORGIA: Delivering Supplies and Food; KENYA: Rebuilding Hope; ARMENIA: A Safe Place; EVENT: Hunger Action Month is September; RESOURCES: Surviving the Food Crisis-New Report to Donors
The UMCOR Hotline US: Tropical Storm Fay; US: Katrina Third Anniversary; GEORGIA: Relief Continues; US: Expanding Congregational Health; EVENT: Hunger Action Month is September
The UMCOR Hotline US: Hurricane Gustav Response
The UMCOR Hotline HAITI: Hurricane Ike Response; US: Responding and Preparing for Upcoming Storms; SAGER BROWN: Returning to Work; CUBA: Why UMCOR Can’t Help with Storm Relief; UMCOR: Storm Resources
The UMCOR Hotline US: Hurricane Ike Response; HAITI: Helping Children; PHILIPPINES: Helping the Displaced; CUBA: UMCOR’s License to Transfer Funds; EVENT: Change the World Conference
The UMCOR Hotline US: Texas Conference to Serve Ike Survivors; SAGER BROWN: Sending Relief Supplies; US: Adjusting to Life in the US; LIBERIA: Moringa Helps Survivor Live; RESOURCES: World Food Day 2008-New Church Bulletin
The UMCOR Hotline US: Local UMC Churches Help Ike Survivors; LIBERIA: Hope Not Lost; US: UMCOR Continues Aid for Midwest Recovery; JFON: Helping Immigrants; KENYA: Forced to Flee
The UMCOR Hotline HAITI: Food and Toys for Orphans; MIDDLE EAST: Helping Iraqi Refugees; SUDAN: Providing Classrooms; LIBERIA: Bees Help Farmers
The UMCOR Hotline HAITI: Water Development; US: Helping Iowa Rebuild; DRC: Providing Educational Opportunities; US: Cycling for UMCOR; RESOURCES: Buy Fair Trade Halloween Chocolate—New Church Bulletin; EVENT: World Food Day USA Teleconference
The UMCOR Hotline US: Midwest Flood Recovery; SOUTH AFRICA: Rebuilding Lives; US: Buy Fair Trade Halloween Chocolate and Bags; LIBERIA: Farmers Go To School; WORLDWIDE: UMCOR Christmas Resources
The UMCOR Hotline US: Houston Church is "Overblessed" ; HAITI: Giving Hope; US: Give Fair Trade Chocolate; WORLDWIDE: UMCOR Gift Catalog is Here!
The UMCOR Hotline CUBA: UMCOR Receives its License to Help Survivors; SOUTH AFRICA: UMCOR Helps Build a School; US: Cast Your Vote for Fair Trade; WORLDWIDE: Shop UMCOR’s Gift Catalog; RESOURCES: World AIDS Day 2008
The UMCOR Hotline WEST AFRICA: Côte d’Ivoire Gets One Million Nets; US: Volunteers Needed in Northwest Indiana; LIBERIA: Empowering Others; US: Connecting Music and Mission; WORLDWIDE: World AIDS Day 2008 Web Page
The UMCOR Hotline US: California Wildfires Response; CUBA: Working to Bring Relief; DRC: Emergency Relief WEST AFRICA: Protected From Malaria; US: Retreats Bring Healing for HIV/AIDS Survivors
The UMCOR Hotline US: Wildfires Recovery; JFON: A Family Reunited; US: Talk About Malaria; INDIA: Empowered and Transformed
The UMCOR Hotline UMCOR: A New Depot; KENYA: Hundreds Get Tested for HIV/AIDS; US: Organizing Ike Response; SENEGAL: A Project of Hope; US: Souper Bowl Sunday - Feb. 1, 2009
The UMCOR Hotline ZIMBABWE Supplies of Hope; KENYA: Event Brings AIDS Awareness; US: 100-Ton Challenge Update; CENTRAL AMERICA: Preparing for the Storm; UMCOR: Receive an UMCOR News Feed
The UMCOR Hotline ZIMBABWE: Relief on the Way; ARMENIA: Anti-Trafficking Grant; DRC: Bringing Relief to DRC; US: Giving Fair Trade for the Holidays; UMCOR: Give Through the UMCOR Gift Catalog
The UMCOR Hotline ZIMBABWE:Compassionate and Comprehensive Response; CÔTE d'IVOIRE:UMCOR Trains Hundreds in the Fight against Malaria; CUBA:UMCOR Provides Hurricane Relief; US:United Methodists Pull Together for Record-Breaking Flood Bucket Distribution; GEORGIA:UMCOR Provides Relief to Conflict Survivors; US:Justice for Our Neighbors Expands to 26 Clinics; WORLDWIDE:Shining A Light on HIV/AIDS; DRC:Free Medicine for the Democratic Republic of Congo
The UMCOR Hotline US: Helping Immigrants in Iowa; KENYA: Promoting Peace; COLOMBIA: Helping Refugee Families; RESOURCES: Zimbabwe New Church Bulletin and Power Point Slide; UMCOR: A Gift of Hope
The UMCOR Hotline US: Ice Storm Recovery; MIDDLE EAST: Helping Iraqi Refugees; GEORGIA: UMCOR Gifts Bring Smiles; UMCOR: New Resources
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