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July 10, 2007

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Red Arrow-giftUS: Hundreds Need Post-Disaster Help

Red Arrow-giftGlobal: Aid Reaches People Hurting in India, Pakistan, Chad

Red Arrow-giftSupply Kits: A Mission Task for Every Age


Floodwaters have inundated significant areas of Texas during rains lasting over a month. Kansans and Oklahomans are cleaning up flood- and tornado-ravaged sections of their states. Workers in northern California have begun the long walk back from forest fire damage around Lake Tahoe, where many displaced are service workers without insurance. UMCOR grants in these disasters are assisting with emergency shelter, food, clothing, supplies, and expenses for scores of the displaced. But the agency is scrambling to meet all the needs. "Our Domestic Disaster Response Advance has been tapped for 28 US emergencies in 24 different annual conferences since September of 2006," said the Rev. Sam W. Dixon, interim executive. "UMCOR delivered $856,146 in both emergency grants and long-term recovery initiatives in that time," he said. UMCOR uses all designated donations in programs specified by donors. "We're beginning to worry about being tapped out in this fund," he added.

You can help! UMCOR is offering a new bulletin insert online for churches that wish to lift disaster response in their worship services in coming Sundays. Emergency offering envelopes are available free for postage and handling from the E-Store. UMCOR urgently seeks your gifts to the US Domestic Disaster Response Advance, #901670, so that the church's response to these and future US disasters can be generous and timely.Online Giving


UMCOR aid is being rushed to several regions of the globe where natural disasters or civil disturbances have caused suffering. In India, an UMCOR grant is at work to provide basic necessities and emergency food for people displaced by recent monsoons. The rains have destroyed crops. People who are already marginalized are the most vulnerable. Churches Auxiliary for Social Action is UMCOR's implementing partner in four hard-hit regions.

Rains also have devastated areas of Pakistan, killing 300 persons and taking a high toll on livestock and poultry, which are vital to the rural economy there. Parts of Karachi, Pakistan's largest city, were without power and basic amenities. Church World Service is implementing a rapid-response effort including emergency supplies and food for 250 of the most vulnerable families in Gadap town.

In Chad, the population of displaced persons has nearly tripled in three years to about 200,000. Most are refugees from Darfur in Sudan; some are Chadians caught up in spillover conflict. An UMCOR grant to Action by Churches Together, the international alliance of aid providers, will focus on health services, wells, and community services and shelter building for about 35,000 of the most vulnerable people living in camps along the Chad-Sudan border. UMCOR relies on your gifts to UMCOR Advance #982450, International Disaster Response, to assist in these and other similar projects overseas. Online Giving


UMCOR Supply Kits help to sustain everyday life for the most vulnerable people in the world. They contain basic necessities for people who lack ready access to essential supplies, and provide vital support for the work UMCOR does during times of crisis. Anyone of any age can donate kit supplies or financial gifts to purchase supplies. You can make a direct, tangible difference in sustaining people's lives. Please do your part to sustain everyday life, as a mission task for any age. Give a cash gift to support this ministry to UMCOR Advance #982730, "Contain Your Joy," or visit us online for directions on how to assemble and ship kits to us. Online Giving

UMCOR provides emergency relief in many areas of the world. To find out more about UMCOR's ministries, please visit You can donate to any project by placing a contribution in the offering plate at a local United Methodist church; by sending a check to UMCOR, PO Box 9068, New York, NY 10087-9068; or by calling 1-800-554-8583, where credit card donations are accepted. You can also give online by clicking on any of the "Give Now" links. UMCOR is exempt from tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States and qualifies for the maximum charitable contribution deduction by donors.

And, please pray for those who are hungry, displaced, sick or in poverty because of these and other natural and human-made disasters, and for the workers who minister to them.

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