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March 20, 2007

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Red Arrow-giftIndia: Educating Educators

Red Arrow-giftAzerbaijan: A Ray of Hope

Red Arrow-giftUMCOR: Thank You for Your Partnership

Red Arrow-giftWorldwide: World Health Day


Vellore Christian Medical College in India has been training health professionals in HIV/AIDS treatment for the last five years. This special program, the Fellowship in HIV Medicine, has proved to be quite successful in providing India’s hospitals with health care practitioners who have thorough knowledge in how to best treat individuals with HIV/AIDS. In the last year funding for this critical program has dried up.

United Methodists are stepping in to fill the funding gap through the United Methodist Global AIDS Fund. This is just one of many programs supported through this fund that was created with an $8 million goal—representing $1 for each United Methodist in the US.

Are you represented in this fund? Give today to the UM Global AIDS Fund, UMCOR Advance #982345.Online Giving


Ongoing conflict in western Azerbaijan has displaced approximately 1 million people. Some, from the village of Khojali, have been living in an incomplete resort for more than a decade. The seaside resort was under construction when the government converted it to a temporary shelter for the Khojali people. They have made homes out of the unfinished structures that leak in the winter and are unventilated in the summer.

UMCOR is one of the only organizations assisting the 100 families living in the Khojali settlement. While the doctors, medicines, health kits, and sewing kits that UMCOR provides is significant, it is not enough to fully meet the needs of this community. UMCOR Azerbaijan staff continues to work on behalf of this community as they hope together for a brighter future.

Support the life-giving work of UMCOR in Azerbaijan by giving to Azerbaijan Emergency, UMCOR Advance #250135. Online Giving


If your congregation received Sunday's One Great Hour of Sharing offering--so critical to UMCOR because it supports our costs of doing business--we thank you for your partnership. But it's not too late! You can still help UMCOR keep our promise to apply 100 percent of your designated gifts entirely to the program you select by receiving the One Great Hour of Sharing offering on another Sunday. Visit us online to find resources, including a bulletin insert and a litany of dedication. Remember, everything changes when there's hope. And the One Great Hour of Sharing offering assures that United Methodists will be there and be hope for vulnerable people in 81 countries around the world.


World Health Day is Saturday, April 7. Each year this day is used to focus on health concerns around the globe. The theme for this year “Invest in Health, Build a Safer Future” concentrates on the need to support ongoing health issues to create a better future for us all. Use the latest UMCOR bulletin insert to bring awareness to this important day on or near April 7. You can view and print the insert here.

UMCOR provides emergency relief in many areas of the world. To find out more about UMCOR's ministries, please visit You can donate to any project by placing a contribution in the offering plate at a local United Methodist church; by sending a check to UMCOR, PO Box 9068, New York, NY 10087-9068; or by calling 1-800-554-8583, where credit card donations are accepted. You can also give online by clicking on any of the "Give Now" links. UMCOR is exempt from tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States and qualifies for the maximum charitable contribution deduction by donors.

And, please pray for those who are hungry, displaced, sick or in poverty because of these and other natural and human-made disasters, and for the workers who minister to them.

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