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February 07, 2006

In Today's Hotline:

redarrowDRC: Cholera Relief
redarrowGuatemala: Homes and Stability after Hurricane Stan
redarrowPakistan/Kashmir: Aid Continues in Winter Weather
redarrowUS: Volunteers Make a Difference


Heavy and irregular rainfall in recent months has caused flooding in the North Katanga Conference in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The excess water has carried a cholera outbreak with it. The North Katanga Conference has developed a community-based plan to stop the spread of this deadly epidemic which includes distributing life-saving medicines.

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UMCOR is assisting a mountain top village in Guatemala in partnership with the local Methodist Church there. The entire village was destroyed in a landslide triggered by Hurricane Stan last October. Since that time the village’s residents have been without sufficient shelter, basic sanitation, and a reliable food supply.

The local Methodist Church has been assisting the people as they are able and have designed a program to not only meet immediate needs but also provide long-term solutions for this isolated community. UMCOR is backing their efforts to provide relief and stability for these survivors.

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Heavy snows have complicated efforts to deliver aid to remote villages in Pakistan and Kashmir. Marvin Parvez director of Church World Service-Pakistan/Afghanistan, one of UMCOR’s partners in the earthquake relief efforts, notes that this winter has been especially harsh. The unrelenting weather combined with some 1,600 aftershocks has made relief efforts difficult. However, CWS workers and many others continue to deliver aid, provide psychosocial care, and help survivors plan for their future.

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More than 900 volunteers from nearly every annual conference have taken part in clean up and repair, according to the storm center officials in Mississippi and Louisiana. Another 570 teams are booked through July 2006. One of the many things UMCOR-supported storm centers do is organize work teams to ensure they are appropriately scheduled and help those who need it most

Mary Schwaner from St. Marks United Methodist Church in Lincoln, Neb., was a member of a United Methodist Volunteers in Mission work team in New Orleans. She recalls a woman they helped, “The day before we arrived, she was so depressed that she was unable to get out of bed to take her children to school. She lay there crying for a miracle.” The next day she received a call from the United Methodist Storm Center to tell her that a volunteer team from Nebraska was coming to help her. At the end of the work day the woman said to the team, “I asked Jesus for a miracle and you came!”

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