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January 24, 2006

In Today's Hotline:

redarrowRelief Supplies: New List of Top Supply Needs
redarrow Pakistan/Kashmir: Earthquake Relief
redarrowSudan: Tools for Tomorrow
redarrow US: Souper Bowl of Caring


UMCOR’s relief supply warehouse, the Sager Brown Depot in Baldwin, La., issued a new list of most needed relief supplies this week. The top need is not a standard kit but specific cleaning items that are required to fulfill requests after 2005’s many disasters. Relief supplies are requested in the following order:

Cash donations are also needed to cover the purchase of additional items and shipping costs. Please give to UMCOR Advance #901440, Material Resource Ministry to help provide for additional expenses.


UMCOR partners continue to diligently respond to the needs of earthquake survivors. International Blue Crescent, one of UMCOR’s partners responding to the earthquake, is working to provide long term solutions in four mountain villages in the Bagh district. They are setting up 10 tented settlements for a total of 150 families. These settlements include winterized tents for each family, latrines, schools and children’s centers, and basic health centers.

Your gifts to UMCOR Advance #232000, Pakistan/Kashmir Earthquake, support this and many other efforts to bring warmth and healing to thousands affected by this devastating quake.


Next month will mark one year for UMCOR’s work in Sudan. Since the office doors opened last February, UMCOR Sudan has served tens of thousands of vulnerable people by providing them with shelter, relief supplies, seeds, and tools. Recognizing that the displaced people’s needs go far beyond supply distribution, UMCOR’s programs are growing to meet needs for education and health care. Read more about UMCOR Sudan’s work in the newest Report to Donors.

Gifts to UMCOR Advance #184385, Sudan Emergency will help UMCOR’s work to expand to meet the needs of Sudan’s vulnerable populations.


People from all walks of life will be turning on their TVs and gathering around bowls of chips on Sunday, Feb. 5, to watch the big game. Others will also be giving from their hearts to help people in their community and the world to have food to eat. It’s not too late to get involved in this year’s Souper Bowl of Caring on Super Bowl Sunday.

Young people are encouraged to raise support on Feb. 5 on behalf of those who face hunger every day of the year. Churches and youth groups are encouraged to donate a portion of the proceeds to a local charity and another portion to UMCOR Advance #982920, World Hunger/Poverty to share the bounty with the wider world.

Visit the UMCOR Souper Bowl of Caring website for more information.