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January 03, 2006

In Today's Hotline:

redarrowPakistan/Kashmir: Medical Outreach
redarrow US: Wildfires
redarrow Armenia: Small Loans Make a Big Difference
redarrow UMCOR: Make 2006 a Year of Hope


Ludhiana Christian Medical College (CMC) sent a medical relief team that provided assistance to eight remote villages in 10 days. Traveling to these villages was challenging and treacherous. In one case, they drove as close as possible and then hiked an additional five hours to reach the village. Once there, they found that 90% of the homes were destroyed and no outside assistance had reached the people for two weeks. The team was supported in part by UMCOR.

CMC has further plans to provide medical assistance to survivors. They have recruited experienced mountain climbers to help them with their trek to outlying villages. Your gifts UMCOR Advance #232000, Pakistan/Kashmir Earthquake, will help support their efforts.


Wildfires in Central Texas and Oklahoma moved rapidly across the windswept plains. Cross Plains, TX, was particularly hard hit where two elderly women were killed and 116 homes were burned along with the First United Methodist Church, Cross Plains. The church was to celebrate its 120th anniversary on New Year’s Day. Worship was still held this Sunday with 165 people gathering in the church parking lot. The local church members are coming together to assist not only its members affected by the fires, but the community as a whole.

Fires in Southern Oklahoma are destroying homesteads in the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference. Phillis McCarty, disaster coordinator for the conference told Disaster News Network, “A lot of our Indian people live on homesteads they’ve had for 100 years. They don’t want to see it go. They’re trying to do everything they can to keep it from burning.” The fires are robbing many of their livelihoods for the rest of the winter destroying fields, cattle, and feed.

UMCOR has issued emergency grants of $10,000 to assist in the immediate response to the fires. Gifts to UMCOR Advance # 901670, Domestic Disaster Response, enable UMCOR to provide immediate support in response to disasters such as these.


UMCOR Armenia’s AREGAK program is a micro-lending program that supports women in small business enterprises, allowing them to better provide for their families. The majority of AREGAK’s clients are poor, rural women. The loans help women and their families increase their income. In many cases the family has more funds available for medical and educational expenses.

Today, 10 service centers providing financial services to over 450 rural and urban communities across Armenia have extended more than 90,000 loans for a total value of over $45 million. The repayment rate of these loans is a noteworthy 98 percent.

Support the good work UMCOR Armenia is doing by giving to UMCOR Advance #250225, Armenia Emergency.


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