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Health UMCOR Gift Catalog 2009

$50 – $100  Prevent Malaria

Mawazo lives in a rural village. During her seven years of marriage, she had four miscarriages due to malaria. Her mother-in-law was accused of being a witch and causing this tragedy. But all Mawazo needed was an insecticide treated mosquito net, anti-malaria medication, and monitoring throughout her pregnancy.

$50  Help Treat Malaria

Your gift of $50 can provide anti-malaria medication to treat about 25 pregnant women with malaria.

$100  Train Community Workers

Your gift of $100 can train community health workers who help women like Mawazo. They teach communities about clearing stagnant water where mosquitoes breed. They also encourage the use, care and repair of bed nets, and help people get treatment.

Community-Based Malaria Control Program
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$50 - $500 HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention

Deepak is a former truck driver from Northern India. When a roadside team from the Dhaba Project, a program of the Methodist Church of India, tested and found him to be HIV positive, they counseled and referred him for treatment. Today, Deepak is devoting his time to serve others infected with HIV.

$50  Create HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention

Your gift of $50 will go towards the training of community health workers, educators, counselors, and advocates teaching them how to inform their communities about HIV/AIDS, its spread and prevention.

$75  Support Home Care Givers

Your gift of $75 will support home-based care givers who provide palliative care, food, and other daily needs for people living with HIV/AIDS. Your gift will also support the care of orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS.

$500  Treatment of Opportunistic Infections

A gift of $500 will buy much-needed medicines and medical supplies to treat those infected with the HIV virus.

United Methodist Global AIDS Fund
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$50 - $200 Primary Health Care

Betty is a primary health care worker in Zambia, who has been working with malnourished children. She learned about nutrition to help meet the needs of the children she cares for.

$50  Health Education

Your gift of $50 will go towards primary health care teaching in local communities, and provide health-related materials like posters and radio announcements.

$100  Provide Clean Water

Help improve community health by providing clean water supplies. A gift of $100 contributes towards water storage tanks, piping and well construction.

$200  Train a Birth Attendant

Help reduce neonatal, infant, child and maternal mortality rates by training a birth attendant with your gift of $200. Help birth attendants learn how to conduct safe and healthy deliveries when a hospital or clinic is unreachable.

Mother and Child Survival
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$375-$425 Treatment of Common Ailments

Send a Medicine Box

Help the day-to-day treatment of common ailments by providing medicine boxes collectively through your church as a project, or contribute funds toward the purchase of a complete Medicine Box.

The Medicine Box contains 18 essential medicines and medical supplies that are enough to respond to illnesses and injuries in a population of 1,000 people for a period of three months.

$375 helps provide funding for additional items and cost of shipping when items are purchased by a church group.

$425 covers the cost of an entire Medicine Box. Learn more about the Medicine Box here.

$1,000-$10,000  Hospital Revitalization

The administrator from Ganta United Methodist Hospital wrote to UMCOR, “I write this letter to express my thankfulness to you for facilitating the three months intensive training for my colleagues in radiology and laboratory science in India. We are also grateful for the laboratory supplies which will enable us to begin setting up a microbiology laboratory. The two gentlemen came back with enthusiasm and motivation to serve.”

$1,000  Professional Training and Capacity Building

A gift of $1,000 will go toward professional training of hospital staff workers that will improve their qualifications and increase their capacity to serve communities in need.

$10,000  Diagnostic Equipment

X-Ray, ultra sound and dental units are needed by hospitals to make good diagnoses.

Help provide essential hospital care to populations in Africa and Asia by strengthening United Methodist health care facilities. Gifts to this advance help United Methodist hospitals and clinics improve hospital infrastructure, provide new equipment, train hospital staff and provide comprehensive primary health care.

Hospital Revitalization
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Please write the UMCOR advance number and name on the memo line of your check.

By Offering Put your gift in the offering plate on Sunday.
By Check Make your check to UMCOR and mail to

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New York, NY 10087
By Credit Card  Call toll-free (800) 554-8583