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UMCOR Relief Supply -Shipping & Packing

Shipping & Packing

Packing Kits

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Shipping Kits

  1. Complete 2 packing lists-one for your records and one to put on the shipping box.
  2. Paste the shipping label / packing list on the outside of each box you send to UMCOR Sager Brown. The shipping list helps the depot to quickly process kits.
  3. Processing & Shipping Costs: Please enclose an envelope containing at least $1 for each kit you send. This donation enables kits to be sent without delay to areas in need. For Flood Buckets: $1.50.
  4. Put the ORM-D mark on the outside of any buckets or boxes containing aerosols or flammables.

Special Shipping Requirements

Cleaning Agents. All cleaning agents must be liquid and in plastic bottles. No powders. Pack them inside a bucket or strong outer box.

Aerosols or Flammables. If including these types of supplies, ship kits by UPS Ground, Fed Ex Ground, or by truck. Do NOT ship by US Mail or DHL/Airborne freight.