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Archives 2009

We offer this resource in Adobe PDF format. It has one 8 1/2" x 11" "landscape style" page designed to be cut in half and printed back-to-back. A large type color bulletin is also available. A new bulletin insert is issued each month.

World AIDS Day 2009
Thanks to the United Methodist Global AIDS Fund-supported Dhaba Project, a program of the Methodist Public Health Center in Mursan, India, several communities are being reached and educated about HIV/AIDS. About 6,000 truck drivers receive pre- and post HIV testing, education on AIDS prevention, and counseling support services.
Emergency Response
UMCOR is responding to thousands of people affected in the Philippines, Samoa and Indonesia following three disasters. As the hands and feet of Jesus, UMCOR is at work bringing relief to those in distress during these initial days of recovery and answering the cry for help.
World Food Day
On the outskirts of Yerevan, the Republican Special Educational Complex 2, an orphanage for youth with communication disorders, are eating healthier meals, obtaining vocational skills and learning sustainable farming.
Fair Trade Chocolate
As consumers, we spend more than $16 billion dollars a year on chocolate alone. Fifty percent of cocoa comes to the US from the Ivory Coast, West Africa-where children as young as five years old are trafficked into slavery and forced to work on cocoa farms.
Birthing Kit
Each year more than 600,000 women die from complications during pregnancy and childbirth in developing countries.
Ready to Respond
In the midst of the most turbulent storms, UMCOR is on the ground to help rebuild, walk with survivors and stay until the job is done. UMCOR's domestic disaster response personnel and specially-trained early response volunteer teams stand ready to be dispatched as storms develop.
Responding in Time of Need
In times of political upheaval, natural disaster or war, UMCOR responds quickly to provide emergency relief because many have faithfully supported the International Disaster Response Fund.
World Refugee Day
After learning that two million Iraqi refugees had fled to Jordan, Syria and Turkey, the congregation at Gig Harbor United Methodist Church near Seattle, WA answered the call to sponsor an Iraqi family.
World Fair Trade Day
Worshipers at Beach Lake United Methodist Church in Pennsylvania are embracing a fair trade lifestyle thanks to the efforts of their pastor, the Rev. Mark Terwilliger, who took the special opportunity on Palm Sunday to re-inform his congregation about Eco-Palms, fair trade and child labor issues.
World Malaria Day
Through Ganta United Methodist Hospital's Malaria Program, focus group discussions, outreach programs and informative workshops are encouraging communities in and around Ganta to take action in the fight against malaria.
UMCOR Afghanistan is giving hope to the residents of Khaki Jabbar District, an isolated area in eastern Kabul Province, by helping them build their own homes, rehabilitate water systems, plant trees, partake in cash-for-work programs and in restoring their agricultural livelihood, this after years of displacement due to conflict.
Today, palms are paving the way for fair trade and a better ecosystem. For harvesters in Guatemala and Mexico, palms symbolize fair wages through the Eco-Palm Project.