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Archives 2008

We offer this resource in Adobe PDF format. It has one 8 1/2" x 11" "landscape style" page designed to be cut in half and printed back-to-back. A large type color bulletin is also available. A new bulletin insert is issued each month.

Zimbabwe Emergency
In Zimbabwe, famine, cholera outbreaks and a failing economy have taken a dire toll on an already suffering nation. Abundance is no where in sight. But, through UMCOR, a glimmer of hope arrives for thousands of ailing Zimbabweans through the distribution of much-needed food, supplies, water access and medicine.
Protected from Malaria
Nearly a million nets were distributed to participating families with children under five years old throughout 18 civil districts of Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa-where Malaria has claimed the lives of 172,000 children over the last five years...
World Aids Day 2008
Thanks to the United Methodist Global AIDS Fund-supported Comprehensive Rural Health Project in Jamkhed, India, Ratna received the treatment and care that helped restore her life. Through this program, women like Ratna learn skills that help them reintegrate into the community.
World Food Day 2008
UMCOR’s Sustainable Agriculture & Development Program is addressing the root cause of hunger and poverty by investing in farmers. The program trains farmers how to grow food while learning practical, sustainable and environmentally sound methods of food production.
Hurricanes 2008
With storms brewing in the Atlantic, UMCOR is helping area annual conferences coordinate their disaster response efforts in advance—helping them gear up for potential disasters.
Kenya, Not Forgotten
In December 2007, a tumultuous presidential election sparked widespread violence in Kenya forcing thousands of people from their homes. Today, many are still displaced living in temporary shelters.
Midwest Floods
UMCOR response teams are standing alongside flood survivors and partnering with local annual conferences to offer relief and support following damaging storms that affected most of the Midwest. UMCOR is helping to coordinate case management work, manage volunteers, and provide consultations, as well as provide emotional care support and training.
UMCOR in Armenia
In many parts of the world, women and young girls hold subordinate positions in society and are at the bottom of the economic ladder. They can be more susceptible to luring promises of financial opportunities and fall prey to “sheep in wolves’ clothing”—traffickers who betray their trust.
World Refugee Day
Osman Koroma was a three-month-old babe in arms when he became a refugee. For 15 years, he suffered repeated displacement as his family fled civil war in Liberia and then Sierra Leone for a series of refugee camps in Guinea.
World Fair Trade Day
Farmers who live in rural or poor communities in countries like Latin America, Africa and Asia struggle to make ends meet and earn a decent living. Fair trade offers small-scale farmers an opportunity to live a better life by obtaining a fair price for their crops.
World Malaria Day
Worldwide 300 to 500 million people contract malaria each year. Malaria is also one of the biggest killers of children in Africa, accounting for nearly one in five deaths throughout the continent.
UMCOR in Azerbaijan
Sounds of painful groans, a child kept from school, and a violent strike from an ex-husband. Times have been far from easy for Layla Ismailova* who lives in the Khirdalan district of Baku in Azerbaijan.