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Slide shows

Agents of Change

Meet other community health workers at Kamisamba UMC Farm by watching this slideshow, and learn what they are saying about the benefits of UMCOR-SA&D training.
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Hope for an AIDS-Free World

Around the world, United Methodists are responding to the fight against HIV/AIDS. Through this photo slide show, hope for an AIDS-free world is tangent, as thousands of people across the globe receive medical treatment, education, learn preventative measures, and create community awareness to help those affected live free of the debilitating affects of HIV/AIDS.

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Nets and Knowledge

Learn how communities in Ganta, Liberia are being informed about malaria.

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Health in Sierra Leone

These photos of United Methodist health work in Sierra Leone, particularly of Kissy United Methodist Hospital in Freetown, Taiama Clinic in a rural area outside of Bo, and the Limb Fitting Center in Bo.

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