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Multi Media Gallery

Multimedia Gallery. Credit: Paul Jeffrey/ACT International

Your generosity and heart for mission enables UMCOR to work day after day in communities recovering from disasters, and with families who need a helping hand.

The media resources here give you up close and personal connections to this work:

  • Slide presentations
  • Photo essays
  • Audio presentations
  • Videos
  • Webcast

Suggestions for Use
Worship services, School of Mission, Church School Classes.

Tell us how you've found creative ways to share these resources with your own groups!

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Building Haiti

Hope has risen for the nation of Haiti since it suffered from a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake just two years ago. Watch this video to learn of UMCOR’s ongoing long-term relief, recovery and development work that is providing education opportunities, shelter, health and hygiene services, and livelihood support. ► Watch Now!

Agents of Change

Meet other community health workers at Kamisamba UMC Farm by watching this slideshow, and learn what they are saying about the benefits of UMCOR-SA&D training.
Watch Now! | Download

Relief Supplies Network Webcast

Learn how this ministry deploys basic necessities to the world’s most vulnerable people.Watch Now!

Clean Water Webcast

Watch a replay of UMCOR Clean Water, Project in Nicaragua with El Porvenir. ►Watch now!

Justice for Our Neighbors Webcast

Learn how churches across the US are embracing their immigrant neighbors and extending hope through Justice for Our Neighbors. Watch Now!

UMCOR's US Disaster Response Consultant

UMCOR Consultant, Barbara Tripp, explains some of what UMCOR-trained Early Response Teams (ERTs) do after a disaster in this video.► Watch now!

UMCOR Spring Storms Webcast

Watch a replay of UMCOR’s Spring Storm webcast to learn how communities across the US were affected by devastating storms and how UMCOR and the United Methodist Church responded.►Watch l Download

UMCOR Indonesia

Watch video and learn about UMCOR Indonesia’s recovery and rehabilitation work since the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami.
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1-8 of 35