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Multi Media Gallery

Multimedia Gallery. Credit: Paul Jeffrey/ACT International

Your generosity and heart for mission enables UMCOR to work day after day in communities recovering from disasters, and with families who need a helping hand.

The media resources here give you up close and personal connections to this work:

  • Slide presentations
  • Photo essays
  • Audio presentations
  • Videos
  • Webcast

Suggestions for Use
Worship services, School of Mission, Church School Classes.

Tell us how you've found creative ways to share these resources with your own groups!

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Tengecha Community Water Project

In Tengecha, Kenya, a rural community of approximately 20,000 people, women spend their days and nights walking to and from their homes carrying water from the Mara River, located about 6.7 kilometers away from their home. ►Watch Now


►View a webcast replay about UMCOR NGO's WASH projects, education, agriculture, and school reconstruction work.

Restoration, Healing, Hope

UMCOR's One Great Hour of Sharing video highlights examples of how needs are met around the world, because 100 percent of gifts to this offering go directly to help people in need.
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Be There. Be Hope. Haiti

UMCOR multimedia presentation thanks donors for giving to relief aid in Haiti. Continue to give at

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Act, Love, Walk

UMCOR's One Great Hour of Sharing video highlights examples of how needs are met around the world.

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Hope for an AIDS-Free World

Around the world, United Methodists are responding to the fight against HIV/AIDS. Through this photo slide show, hope for an AIDS-free world is tangent, as thousands of people across the globe receive medical treatment, education, learn preventative measures, and create community awareness to help those affected live free of the debilitating affects of HIV/AIDS.

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Hope with Wings

UMCOR’s Hope with Wings video highlights the ministry of The United Methodist Aviation Ministries (UMAM), a program of UMCOR. UMAM is a ministry of transportation, connection and service to many rural communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo. UMAM transports patients to places of emergency medical care and delivers lifesaving relief supplies for the most vulnerable. The ministry supports evangelism, education, church and leadership development and other church ministry transportation needs.
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Nets and Knowledge

Learn how communities in Ganta, Liberia are being informed about malaria.

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