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Mission News

About Us
   Global Ministries Overview
      Biennial and Other Reports
      Board of Directors
         Central Conference
         North Central Jurisdiction
         Northeastern Jurisdiction
         South Central Jurisdiction
         Southeastern Jurisdiction
         Western Jurisdiction
      Child Protection
         Resources and Updates
         Final Bulletin: Independent Panel 2008
         Final Report of Independent Panel 2009
         New Management Plan for Child Safety
      Comprehensive Plans
   Global Ministries Organization
      Community & Institutional Ministries
         About Us
            National Mission Institutions
               News and Witness
            Town & Country
            Urban Ministries
            Cooperative Ministries
            United Methodist Voluntary Service (UMVS)
            Restorative Justice
         Contact Us
      Development and Communications
         The Advance
         Financial Development
            Current & Deferred Giving
       Evangelization & Church Growth
         About Us
            Mission Initiative Events
             Congregational Mission Initiatives
            New Church Development
         Research Office
         United Methodist Development Fund
            Church Loans
            About Us
            Contact Us
      Mission Relationships
         About Mission Contexts and Relationships
         Contact Us
      Missionary Services
         Mission Stories
         About Us
         Deaconess-Home Missioner
            Is This Your Calling?
            Living Justice
               Living Justice Seminars
            News and Events
               Book News
               Flyer: A Calling to Serve
            Contact Us
         Missionaries Visiting Churches
            Currently Itinerating
            Upcoming Itinerations
            Young Adults in Mission
            Mission Interpreters in Residence
         Missionary Application Process
            Application Information
            Youth/Young Adult
            Conference Contact Information
               North Eastern Jurisdiction
               North Central Jurisdiction
               South Central Jurisdiction
               South Eastern Jurisdiction
               Western Jurisdiction
            Application for Missionary Service
            Covenant Relationships Agreement
         Contact Us
         Church and Community Workers
      United Methodist Committee on Relief
      Mission Volunteers
            Volunteer in Haiti
            Work Site Status Update
            Annotated Map
         ABOUT US
            Meet the Staff
            Global Justice Volunteers
               New Concept of Mission
               Program Format
               Criteria for Volunteers
               Criteria for Sites
               Where We Go
               Tips for Completing GJV App'n
               Voluntarios De Justicia Global
               Overview and goals
               History of Primetimers
               Goals of Primetimers
               Planning Guide for Host Sites
               More Opportunities
               Articles on Primetimers
               Cancellation Policy
               Responsibilities of Host Site
               Schedule Template
               Shepherd Responsibilities
            Individual Volunteers
               Current Opportunities
                  Central America
                  Middle East
                  South America
                  United States
               Orientation / Training Sessions
               Prospective Ind Vols
               Procedure for contributions to IVs
               Articles on Individual Volunteers
                  Don White teaches sculpting in Chile
            Ubuntu eXplorer Journeys
               Cote D'Ivoire team
               Zimbabwe team
               Hong Kong and China team
            Health Care Volunteers
               Guidelines for Teams
               The Knock
               Drama for the Local Church
               Annotated Bibliography
               Checklist for Health Care Teams
               Immunization information
               Medical Sources
               Malpractice Issues
               HCV opportunities
            UMCOR and UMVIM Disaster Response
               Health&Safety for VIM Serving Gulf Coast
               UMCOR-UMVIM meeting
                  UMCOR-UMVIM Mtg photos
            Global Health Volunteers
            Why Volunteer?
            Ways to Get Involved
            Mission Opportunities for Families
            U.S. Project List for Teams
            Young Adult Opportunities
            UMW Opportunities
            Individual Volunteer Opportunities
            Emergency Response
            Health Care Volunteer Opportunities
            Older Adult Opportunities
            UMCOR Volunteer Opportunities
            UMCOR Sager Brown Opportunities
            Children and VIM
            Jurisdictional & Conference Coordinators
               Jurisdicl UMVIM websites & Opportunities
            UMVIM Awareness Sunday
               Resources List
               Guidelines for UMVIM Teams
               Resources List 2
            U.S. Project Profile form
            International Project Profile form
            UMVIM Jurisdictional Map
            Informacion sobre el Proyecto de Trabajo
            Schedule your Team Online
            Insurance application form
            MV Resources
               Do's and Don'ts
               What A Way To Serve!
               Guía Para Voluntarios
               Guidelines for Sending and Hosting UMVIM
                  Why Volunteers in Mission
                  Guidelines for Sending VIMs
                  Guidelines for Hosting VIMs
                  Dream of Future for UMVIM
               UMVIM Training Manual
            Other useful links
            UMC general websites
      Women's Division
   The United Methodist Church
   United Methodist History
      United Methodist Mission History
         Africa Mission History
      United Methodist Women’s History
      The Wesleys and Their Times
   Financial Information
   Contact Us
      Web Hosting Service
      Staff List
   Copyright Info, Privacy Statement
   Employment Opportunities

Our Work
   Four Areas of Focus
      Ministry With the Poor
      Global Health
      Leadership Development
      Congregational Development
   Four Mission Goals
   Communities and Congregations
      Church Loans
      Community Centers, Other US Institutions
      Community Developers Program
      National Comprehensive Plan for Town and Country Ministry
      Urban Ministries / Holy Boldness
         Photo Essay: St. Louis Ministries
      Evangelism and Church Growth Training
      Grants and Scholarships
         Accessibility Grants
         The Hispanic Leadership Development Fund
         Harry R. Kendall Hospital and Home Fund
         World Communion Scholarships
         Leadership Development Grants
         School Kits
      Mission Education
      Schools, Colleges, & Universities
      UMCOR Hotline
      UMCOR Domestic Disaster Response
      UMCOR International Disaster Response
      Japan Emergency
      Green Team, United Methodist Women
      Sustainable Agriculture and Development
   Ethnic Ministries
      Korean American National Plan
      National Plan for Hispanic/Latino Ministries
      Asian American Language Ministry
      Economic Justice, United Methodist Women
      Fair Trade
      Food Security
      Global Hunger and Poverty
      Sustainable Agriculture and Development
      Bird Flu
      Congregational Health Ministries
      Deaf Ministries
      Disability Concerns
      Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco
         United Methodist Women Push for Tobacco-Free Kids
         Children Orphaned Because of AIDS
            Caring for Orphan Children in Zimbabwe
            By the Grace of God: The Orphans of Zimbabwe
         Statements and Resolutions
            General Conference Resolutions
            Other United Methodist Statements and Resolutions
         News and Resources
         News Archives
            Growing in Compassion (1985)
            Theological Statement (1987)
            Welcoming Angels Through Computerized AIDS Ministries (1996)
            Computerized AIDS Ministries (1993-- )
               Stories and Reflections
            Sarah's Story: A Message of Hope (2000)
            The Story of a Congolese Family (2000)
            Major Gift for AIDS Orphans (2004)
            Great News About Africa and AIDS (2004)
            United Methodists Help Save Girls (2004)
         AIDS Timeline
            Facts and News
            Organizations and Programs
      Hospital Revitalization Program
         United Methodist Response to Malaria
         News and Features
         World Malaria Day
      Parish Nursing
      Preventing Abuse, Creating Safety
      News & Resources
         Made In LA
      Justice for Our Neighbors Program
      Refugee Sponsorship Program
   Pioneer Evangelism
      In Mission Together
      Children's Sunday School Curriculum
   Mission Initiatives
      Central Asia
         Russia News and Resources
         Partner Church Program
         Russia Initiative Newsletter
            2006 Newsletters
            2005 Newsletters
            2007 Newsletters
            2008 Newsletters
            2009 Newsletters
         Voronezh, Russia: A VIM Project
         Russia: Volunteers In Mission
            Photo Gallery: Eurasia Annual Conferences
      Southeast Asia
      3 Channels of Giving
      Programs & Opportunities
      2012 Fall Missionary Training
         2011 Fall Training Information
   Peace and Justice
      Global Justice Volunteers
      Israeli-Palestinian Resource Packet
      Justice for Our Neighbors
      Living Justice Seminar
      Peace With Justice, United Methodist Women
      Racial Justice, United Methodist Women
      Restorative Justice
      Volunteer Connections
      Volunteer Programs
      Why We Are Volunteers
   Women and Children
   Youth and Young Adults

Get Connected
   Mission Education
      Academy of Mission Renewal
         Academy of Mission Renewal Information
         Faithful Witness
         Roadmap to Renewal
      Global Praise Music
      Hallelujah Moments
      Mission Celebrations
         Christian Education for New Initiatives
         Children and Youth
            Children and Youth
         Get to Know the Missionary You Support
         Global Ministries Mission Seminars
         Mission Handbook
         Mission Celebration Events
         For Adults
            Online Resources
         Year Round Mission
      Travel Seminars
         Support Covenant
   Mission Partnerships
      China Program
         Background and History
         Supporting Projects and Partners
      Encounter With Christ
         News and Features
      In Mission Together
         About Us
         How to Become a Partner
         Partner Resources
            Country Information
               Partnership Reports
            Photo Gallery
            Travel Suggestions
            Reading List
            Tourist Authorities
            Web Sites
   Missionary Programs
      Three Ways to Financially Support Missionaries
      Missionary Application Process Documents
   United Methodist Women
   Volunteer Opportunities
      Health Care Volunteers
      Individual Volunteers
      Ubuntu eXplorers
      UMCOR Volunteer Opportunities
      UMVIM Mission Teams
      United Methodist Women
      Volunteer Opportunities
      Youth and Young Adults
      UMCOR and UMVIM Disaster Response
   Youth and Young Adults
      Youth and Young Adult Opportunities
      Mission Interns
         Placement Sites
         Time Line
         Placement Site Criteria
         Time Line
      Stories: Lives of Service
         Mission Interns
         Youth Stories
         Global Justice Volunteers
         Summer Interns
   Email Lists and Online Communities
      UMW Online Community
   Free Web Space

How to Give
   Donate Online
   Find a Ministry or Project
   Disaster Response
   Material Resources
   Missionary Support
   Planned Giving
      Channels for Giving
      Gift Types
         Tax Benefits
      Did You Know
         Supporting Mission
         Ending Hunger/Poverty
         Peace and Justice
         Financial Information
         Special Sunday
         Church Growth
   Through the Advance
   Through Special Sundays
      Human Relations Day
      Native American Ministries
      One Great Hour of Sharing
      World Communion
   Through United Methodist Women
   A Gift Catalog

   Mission Resources
   E-Store: Order Resources Online
   Annual Events
      Annual Events
      Lent and Easter
         feature - onsite
         Resources - onsite
         resources - offsite
         UMW resource
      Alternative Giving
      Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month
      Black History Month
         Onsite News
         Offsite News
         Historical Resources
         Celebrating Black History Month
      Children's Sabbath
         Offsite Links
      Heritage Sunday
      Hispanic Heritage Month
         Global Ministries Features & Articles
      Human Relations Day
      International Day of Prayer for Peace
      Native American Ministries Sunday
         Onsite Resources
         Offsite Resources
      One Great Hour of Sharing
         UMCOR news
         Global Ministries news
      Women's History Month
         Global Ministries features and articles
         offsite resources
      World Communion Sunday
         Offsite Resources
         Onsite Resources
      World Malaria Day
         Onsite Resources
         Offsite Resources
      World AIDS Day
         Global Ministries
      September 11
         Reflections and Statements
      Advent, Christmas, Epiphany
      Martin Luther King Jr
   For Children and Youth
         Book 1
         Book 2
         Book 3
      Special Occasions
      Sunday School
   Photo Gallery
   Global Praise Music
      About Us
         Advisory Group
      Copyright Information
      Music Resources Catalog
         International - Christmas
         International - General
         Latin America-Caribbean
         North America
         Songs of Women
         The Wesleys
         Children and Youth
      Online Workshops
         Worship Resources
         Latin America/Caribbean
         Leading Global Song
         Lebanon, Palestine, Israel
         North America
         Black History
         Black History Month
   Media Gallery
      Logos and Clip Art
         Native American Comprehensive Plan Logos
      Videos, Slide Shows
   People and Places
      Church & Community Profiles
      Sessions with Scholars
         Latin America
      Mission Magazines
         Visit New World Outlook Online
         Visit Response Online
      Mission Studies
         Monthly China News Summary
            Issue 1
            Issue 2
            Issue 3
            Issue 4
            Issue 5
            Issue 6
            With Issue
            Issue 8
            Issue 9
            Issue 10
            Issue 11
            Issue 13
            Issue 14
            Issue 15
   Web Hosting FAQ and Tutorials
   Worship and Spiritual Growth
      Annual Events
      Bible Studies
      Bulletin Inserts
      Devotional Resources
         Devotional Resources
            Debbie Hood Johnson
               Memorials Debbie Hood Johnson
               Her Luminous Example
               From Darkness Into the Light
            Cora Zabala (Español)
         Worship and Bible Study Resources
            Worship Services
            Bible Studies
            Cory Family
               Richard B. Cory Stories
               Life with Alex (1997)
               AIDS Day Focuses on Children (1997)
               The UMC, CAM and Me (1995)
               AIDS, Family, Faith (1998)
               Faith Helps Overcome AIDS (2004)
               Internet Support Group Helps Family Deal
            Romania: Simona's Story (2001)
            I Wear a Red Ribbon (1994)
            Imagine Loving Your Child
            Living with AIDS: A Personal Journey
            Seeing the Face of AIDS: The Story of Ge
      Songs of Praise and Comfort
      Wesley Worship Resources

Mission News
   Global Ministries News
   Global Ministries Releases
   UMCOR News
   Other News
   Women's Division news
   New World Outlook
   Ministry with the Poor
   Mission Musings Blog
   Events and Observances
      Education and Training
   Media Contact
   News Theme Pages
      News Topic
         Relief and Recovery News
      Haiti Earthquake
      Global Ministries Board Meetings
         2009 Fall
         2006 Fall GBGM
         2007 Spring GBGM
         2007 Spring Women's
         2007 Fall GBGM
         2007 Fall Women's Division
         2008 Spring GBGM
         2008Spring UMCOR
         2008 Fall GBGM
         2009 Spring
         2009 Spring Women
      Mission Initiatives
         Central Asia
         Southeast Asia
      Rethink Church
      School of Congregational Development
      General Conference
      Middle East
         2007 News
         2006 News
         2008 News
         2009 News
      Hurricane Katrina Recovery
         Other News
         2007 News
         2008 News
         2009 News
      Tragedy at Virginia Tech
         GBGM articles
         News from other sources
      Clergywomen's Consultation
      19th World Methodist Conference, Seoul
         UMNS news
      The Church and Economic Recession
      Edinburgh 2010
      10 Fold
   New World Outlook Magazine
   Response Magazine
   Search News Archives
   Archives by Month
      Church Burnings
      2012 News
      2011 News
      2010 News
      2009 News
      2008 News
      2007 News
   Congo Aviation Ministry

United Methodist History
   The Wesleys and Their Times
      Charles Wesley
         Title Index
         Scriptural Index
      Account of the Life of John Wesley
      Advice to a People Called Methodist
      Character of a Methodist
      Epitaph for Susanna Wesley
      How To Read Scripture
      John Wesley On Prayer
      John Wesley and Religious Bigotry
      Letter to William Wilberforce
      Plain Account of Christian Perfection
         38 Questions and Answers
      Primitive Physick
         Medicine and Health in Wesley's Day
      Short History of Methodism
      Susanna Wesley, Unauthorized Meetings
      Thoughts Upon Slavery
      What Is an Arminian?
      Collection of Hymns
      Links to Other Sites

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