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Richard B. Cory Stories

The UMC, CAM and Me (1995) by Richard B. Cory
In 1986 my wife, Catherine, gave birth to a baby boy. His name is Alexander. The birth was not without complications, because Cathie received a massive blood transfusion. Almost two years later, Cathie donated blood to the American Red Cross.
Life with Alex  (1997) by Richard B. Cory
As I passed by my son Alex's bedroom on the way to bed myself, I heard him crying. I opened the door and found him sitting in his room sobbing uncontrollably. I invited Alex to lay down beside me in my bed and put my arms around him to comfort him.

World AIDS Day Focuses on Children (1997) by Linda Bloom
When Richard Cory's son, Alex, was seven years old, he asked his father if he had AIDS.
AIDS, Family, Faith: A Force for Change (1998) by Richard B. Cory
Last year, I wrote "Life with Alex" for World AIDS Day. When our son Alex was born in 1986, naturally we knew that having our first child would ultimately lead to changes...

Internet Support Group Helps Family Deal with AIDS (2000) by Linda Bloom
When he found himself unable to sleep after his wife's death on Nov. 19, Richard Cory sat down at his computer and typed an e-mail message to a friend.
Religious Faith Helps Overcome AIDS (2004) by Linda Bloom
Four years ago, Richard Cory, a United Methodist from Chesapeake, Va., was struggling to deal with the death of his wife as well as his son's future.