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The Cory Family
Richard Cory was one of the original members of CAM (Computerized AIDS Ministries).  Several items tell his family's story over the years including Richard's "The UMC, CAM and Me," "Life With Alex," and "AIDS,  Family, and Faith: A Force for Change."

I Wear a Red Ribbon
by Debbi Hood Johnson
People often ask me why I wear a Red Ribbon....


The Windmill
by Nancy A. Carter
When I was a young child growing up in Michigan, farms had windmills....

The Story of a Congolese Family Orphaned by Aids
by Mulegwa Zihindula
Sylvie Ngiaye, now 22, was only 16 years old when her father died from AIDS-related symptoms...

Growing in Compassion
by Nancy A. Carter
In August, 1984, Irma Mathews, a member of Metropolitan-Duane United Methodist Church in New York City, learned that her son, a Vietnam veteran and former drug abuser, had acquired AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).

Great News about Africa and Aids
by Jerri Savuto
Last year we returned to the USA, disappointed with the news we hear about Africa. It sounds so negative and hopeless and yet we know that GREAT things too are happening there in the name of Jesus Christ...
Imagine Loving Your Child
by Carol Blocksom
This story was originally written at Christmastime but its message, like that of Christmas, is important to remember every day...
Living with Aids: A Personal Journey
by Terri Boyd
I vividly recall a night in December of January about a year ago. It was 6:00 P.M., very cold and getting dark. I was waiting for a bus to go home, standing behind a tree for protection from the wind. I had recently lost a friend to AIDS.
Sarah's Story: A Message of Hope for the Season
by Brenda Wilkinson
Since starting my assignment in Kenya, I have been working at Maun Methodist Hospital and their outreach clinic. I visit disabled and orphaned children to see their living and health conditions...

Seeing the Face of AIDS: The Story of George Clark III
by Cathie Lyons
The Covenant to Care program was founded because of personal encounters with the many faces of AIDS. A compelling instance was at the United Methodist National Consultation on AIDS Ministries in November 1987...

Simona's Story
Simona lives in Bucharest, Romania. She is nine years old and HIV-positive. When Simona's mother found out about her illness five years ago, her first reaction was to tell everyone, looking for support...
"This is The Day" AIDS Caregiving
by Peter Braswell
AIDS. Rock Hudson and Liberace had died from it. Several casual acquaintances had it or had died from it, but no one I knew very well. It was something that happened to people somewhere else...