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Debbie Hood Johnson " Memorials, Writings and Stories "

Debbie Hood Johnson lived in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she was an AIDS educator/counselor for about ten years. In Spring 1995, Debbi found out that was HIV positive. She was killed in a car accident in North Carolina on February 24, 1996. Her essay "I Wear a Red Ribbon" has touched tens of thousands of people.

"The Dawn Has Come" by Nancy A. Carter
 "Death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the candle because the dawn has come."
"Her Luminous Example" by Paul Busby
Let us take courage from her memory and her luminous example.
"From Darkness into the Light" by James Anderson
The end that comes is only the beginning.
"Go Fly With the Angels" by Vicki O
Debbi, with her red ribbon tattoo on her wrist, was truly a blessing in my life.
"The Least of These Are My Family" by Nancy A. Carter
The sermon that was given at Debbi's memorial service in Charlotte, NC.

Welcoming Angels Through Computerized AIDS Ministries  by Nancy A. Carter
I am boarding a flight for Charlotte, North Carolina. In the evening, I will participate in a memorial service for Debbi Hood Johnson, a friend I never met face to face.