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Bang, Vaughn Huston
"Letter to Vaughn"  by Pamela Clax
How I wish you could have been here to teach your good qualities to our son.
Bergner, Charles
"The Windmill" by Nancy A. Carter
When we found out in 1983 Charles had AIDS, not much was known about this disease.
Blocksom, Andy
"Our Andy" by Carol Blocksom
Andy was so very much more than many realized. He was only 12 years old.
Boyd, Terry

"My Eulogy" by Terry Boyd
Before his death in 1990 from AIDS-related complications, Terry Boyd wrote his own eulogy.

Cory, Catherine Margaret Carrier
"Cathie and Me" by Richard Cory
Cathie's philosophy of life was simple. Each day when we awake we make a choice.
James, Mark
"And The Angels Weep" by Bruce Richard Hermansson
Mark is now free to encircle the world with his love, wisdom and compassion for us all.
Johnson, Bob "BJ"
Bob "BJ" Johnson by Debbie Hood Johnson
Although we had been together for five years, we had only been married 18 days.
Johnson, Debbi Hood
Read memorials written by several people.
"The Dawn has Come," "Her Luminous Example," "From Darkness into the Light," "Go Fly With the Angels," and "The Least of These Are My Family"
Peters, Michael
"My Dearest Friend Michael"  by Faye Mappa
I never wanted you to suffer like you did, but I know you were a trooper.
Voshika, James C.
"My Uncle Jimmy" by Michaela Weir, 3rd Grade
Two weeks before he died, he got to play and hold my two new cousins that were born.
Zabala, Cora
"Cora Zabala" by Elias Santiago
My prayers go to this exemplary person, for she captured the hearts of the people of Puerto Rico.
Zabala, Cora
"Cora Zabala"  por Elias Santiago
Mis oraciones van para esta ejemplar persona, que capturó los corazones de la gente de Puerto Rico.