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I Care About AIDS (An Affirmation)

I care about AIDS.

I care because several dear friends of mine died from AIDS.
I care because there are children that will lose their parents because of AIDS.
I care because there are people that can't afford medicine to treat AIDS.
I care because Jesus said, "Love your neighbor."

What can I do about AIDS?

I can wear the red AIDS ribbon to raise awareness.
I can attend an interfaith service of hope for those affected by AIDS.
I can donate money to AIDS charities.
I can bring extra food this Sunday to help Doorways.*
I can learn more about AIDS
I can take some time this Saturday to stop and pray for those who have AIDS.
I can pray for those who have lost their child to AIDS.

I care, do you?

By Kathleen Wilder, Mission Ministry Servant, Webster Hills United Methodist Church, St. Louis, Missouri. Used by permission.

*Instead of "Doorways," substitute the name of an organization appropriate to your emphasis.