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connectNmission: August 2011, Issue 10

August 2011, Issue 10   
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click hereLetter from Thomas Kemper

YAM trainingDear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

The news is filled with heartbreaking images and reports of famine, war, and other forms of economic injustice that face our brothers and sisters around the world. We lift up the situations in prayer and ask ourselves, "What is God calling me to do to ease suffering?"

commissioning service 2010Today I had the opportunity to meet with 26 young adults who are preparing to respond to God's call in their lives and bringing hope into the world. It was fascinating to share with them some of my own life experience and how the opportunity to participate in a similar program in Europe almost 30 years ago has so dramatically changed my life and prepared me for the ministry I am involved in now. This very personal experience makes me believe in the importance of our young adult programs and its life-changing value. On Thursday, August 18, these individuals will be commissioned by Global Ministries to serve in ministries of justice. I invite you to join them at 11:00 am ET via live webcast: gbgm-umc.org/live and pray with them as they are sent into their assigned mission fields.

Their past experiences on mission trips and volunteer projects have ignited a passion that Global Ministries is leveraging and connecting with our mission partners. Through hands-on ministry, these missionaries are developing their leadership gifts while creating systems of justice and peace where there is brokenness. With the support of the Church and training from Global Ministries, they are prepared to walk and work with the people they serve in ways that break down structures of inequality and build the capacity of those in their communities. They will return transformed and equipped to discern God's calling in their lives.

Young adult Missionaries I ask you to hold these 26 young people in prayer and consider how you can support their calling. As you read through this month's connectNmission, identify ways that you can harness the enthusiasm of young people in your community. Do you know someone who shows promise as a missionary? Introduce them to the opportunities available through Global Ministries. What opportunities are there for service through your church that can put spirit into action and transform lives? No matter what age or experience a person has, we can all respond to the needs in a hurting world. Let us support and encourage each other on the journey.

In mission and ministry together,

Photos:Top: Su Hyun Lim (L), Mission Intern who will serve in Geneva, and Joy Prim (R), Mission Intern who will serve in Hong Kong, explain group work done in a community mapping exercise. Center: 26 Young Adults to be commissioned. Bottom: Rachel Berry (L), Mission Intern who will serve in the Philippines, and Su Hyun Lim (R), Mission Intern who will serve in Geneva, perform a song for the training class.
Photo Credit:Dan Randall
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click hereWi’am Peace Center

Wiam ProjectThis year, one of the mission interns, John Daniel Gore from Grand Rapids, Michigan, will work alongside the staff at the Wi'am Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center in Bethlehem, West Bank, a partner with Global Ministries in human rights work in the Middle East.

John will learn how the Wi’am Center employs sulha, an Arabic concept dating back to ancient times to restore peace and redress wounds in individuals, families, villages, and nations.

wiam Project The Wi'am Center incorporates sulha with modern Western peace-making techniques. The approach addresses injustice without vengeance, giving dignity to persons on both sides of a dispute and promoting peace.

Since 1995, the Wi'am Center has intervened in thousands of disputes, ranging from Israeli-Palestinian relationships, workplace grievances, and youth delinquency to unemployment rights, tenant-landlord conflicts, and domestic abuse.

To learn more about the peacemaking Wi’am center, go to alaslah.org.

Give to the Wi'am Peace Center, Advance #14910A.

Photos: Top: Children at summer camp. Center: Men doing mediation under the olive tree.
Photo Credit: David Wildman
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click hereAdvocate of the Month

Katrina Wong

KatrinaJust for fun, Katrina Wong, 15, a high school student in California, made 100 origami peace cranes. She tried to give them away to friends and family, but people insisted on paying Katrina for each of the folded symbols of peace.

Katrina decided to give the $500 from the sale of the cranes to two groups that made a difference in the world. Her mother cautioned Katrina not to give to just any charity. So the high school sophomore researched dozens of organizations.

“I wanted to find a charity that gave all of the money away,” Katrina said. She found UMCOR Japan Advance #3021317, which directly benefits the people of Japan. One hundred percent of all gifts to the Advance go to the organization designated by the giver. Learn more about UMCOR’s relief efforts in Japan.

Like Ms. Wong’s gifts of peace cranes, your gifts to the Japan Emergency, UMCOR fund will help the people recover from this disaster. Give Now: Online and Secure

Photo: Katrina Wong 
Photo Credit: Back to TopJudy Wong

click hereGet Connected: Commissioning of Young Adults in Mission

Young Adult MissionariesOn August 18 at 11:00 am (ET), get up from your computer and sing and dance along with the 25 young adults as they enter the Interchurch Center sanctuary, committing the next two or three years of their lives to mission work.

This year’s commissioning promises to be a spirit-filled, creative, and moving service as the young adults covenant--to one another, to the communities where they will serve, and to the larger United Methodist Church--their love for Christ and neighbor through word and deed.

Young Adult MissionariesThe service will celebrate the eight US-2s and 17 Mission Interns whose lives will live out an answer to Micah’s question, “And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” (Micah 6:8)

Bishop Hope Ward of the Mississippi Annual Conference and vice president of Global Ministries will preside over the commissioning. Sing, dance, watch, pray and celebrate with hundreds gathered at: gbgm-umc.org/live.

Learn more about how young adults are making a positive difference in the world. 

Photos: Top: Ash (L) and Stephanie (R) Norton, Mission Interns who will serve in Haiti, work on an exercise in community mapping. Center: US-2s and Mission Interns discuss the challenges and opportunities in entering their upcoming placement sites.
Photo Credit: Dan Randall

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click hereFeatured Teaching Tool: Hunger Map from B1

Hunger MapWant to get people talking about globalization? World hunger? Or B1? Check out this quick downloadable and interactive activity, developed by Jennifer McCallum and Jay Godfrey, seminar program designers with United Methodist Women Seminar Program, with Amanda Mountain of B1, the Advance’s 24-hour youth fasting event.

This teaching tool, used by Ms. Mountain at the Youth 2011 gatherings in Sacramento, California and Purdue, Indiana, features a link to an interactive World Food Programme map and discussion questions which include this thought-provoking activity: 

The young people at Youth2011 used this activity as a way to discuss the globalization of goods. One participant asked, “Why do products travel more freely than people?”

The participants learned about the variety of opportunities for young adults to serve in short-term or long-term mission work through the General Board of Global Ministries.

Check out the Hunger Map B1 dowloadable activity.

Learn more about how you can get involved through B1 and “fast today, change tomorrow,” at gbgm-umc.org/advance/b1.

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click hereFeatured Resource: Mission Musings

Mission MusingsBlogs are a great way to get personal with people engaged in the world through Global Ministries.

Check out the newly launched Global Ministries blog.

Recent blog posts introduce you to a Global Justice Volunteer who made new friends in Côte D'Ivoire, a missionary couple who prayed with people after the violence in Norway, and a young man who learned the meaning of Harambee at the youth gathering for Black Methodists for Church Renewal in Arkansas, US.

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click here10-Fold Webcast September 10th: Clean Water

El PorvenirOn September 10, as on the tenth of every month, you are invited to join an inspiring online conversation through 10-Fold, an innovative ministry of The United Methodist Church. September’s featured 10-Fold project is Clean Water for All. A video highlighting UMCOR’s work with El Porvenir in Nicaragua will repeat throughout the day.

Landon Taylor, a consultant with UMCOR, will talk about the importance of clean water, highlighting the community members' engagement with El Porvenir, an Advance project. Landon will ask Rob Bell, the executive director of El Porvenir, how best to bring about health and hygiene around the world. Landon and Rob will introduce viewers to community members who, over the course of many months, contributed work hours, sand, and rocks for the construction of latrine pits, a well, and a healthier community.

Throughout the day on September 10th, Landon will join the online chat live, answering questions and listening to stories from United Methodist Church friends on the importance of clean water in Central America and around the world.

Go to 10-Fold.org/live any time of the day on Saturday, September 10th to share your story on health and wellness in any United Methodist mission partnership.

10-Fold was launched on October 10, 2010. The online community became a monthly gathering for friends and members of the world-wide United Methodist Church to share stories of God’s love and work. It is just one of the many ways that the General Board of Global Ministries is connecting the church in mission.

To read about the work or El Porvenir, visit their website at elporvenir.org.

Give to El Porvenir, Advance #525000. Through The Advance, 100 percent of your gift goes to the project of your choosing.

Photo: El Porvenir
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Clean Water for All sanitation project.

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