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April 2011, Issue 6   
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Church Planting Worldwide

Church Planting WorldwideHonoring Women in New Church Plants

In Cameroon and other places in Africa it's common to honor the women who provide so much support to the young churches through a service of decoration. Women who evangelize and wish to be active members of the church as well as the Women's Unit are recognized through a ceremony called "Women Decoration." The ceremony draws women from throughout the community and is often an evangelism tool itself.

At the end of March The United Methodist Church in Cameroon decorated 26 women. During the ceremony selected women put on a United Methodist wrapper of green and red, a green blouse, and a yellow scarf on their head. The yellow scarf symbolizes light; these United Methodist women are the light of the world. The green blouse symbolizes life and peace; women give life to humanity and bring peace in the world. The United Methodist wrapper's red symbolizes the saving blood of the resurrected Christ.

Getting ready to enter churchBefore being decorated, the women must make vows in front of the church. These promises are taught, explained, and commented upon by the local pastor. No woman shall be decorated if she does not understand these promises or has not expressed the desire to follow them. The following are the vows that the women take:

  1. I promise to dedicate my life to Jesus Christ by reading the Bible and by praying every day.
  2. I promise to improve my family's life by working together with my husband and my children. We will pray every day at home and every week at the church.
  3. I promise to announce the Good News of Jesus to my relatives, my neighbors, my friends, and everyone wherever I go.
  4. I promise to endeavor to bear good fruits in the Lord's work by loving and helping other women.
  5. I promise to pray with other women and to participate in every activity organized by the women's association each week.