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SPSARV Podcast Features North Carolina Ministry

The Rev. Sharon Harris and Saint Anthony Lloyd of the North Carolina conference's Rockingham District Partners in Ministry Substance Abuse Program were interviewed in SPSARV's podcast about their ministry to teach young people drug resistance skills.
Global Justice Volunteers - Florence Lassayo of Sierre Leone

Florence Kadie Lassayo of Sierra Leone shares about her experience working as a Global Justice Volunteer in 2011. Florence volunteered with an organization on Kenya working on issues of HIV and AIDS.
SPSARV Podcast Highlights How A Small Congregation Built Thriving Recovery Ministries in Southern California

The Rev. Julie Ekins, pastor of First United Methodist Church of Costa Mesa, and Brenda Spencer of Grace Place Recovery Ministries, speak about the church’s thriving recovery ministries in the beach town of Costa Mesa, Calif.
SPSARV's Latest Podcast Puts the Spotlight on a North Carolina Residential Recovery Treatment Program for Women

Meet Rev. Tony Marciano, Executive Director of Charlotte Rescue Mission, who oversees the Dove's Nest program, a 120-day residential program for women in recovery, today on “Speak About It!”
Native American Awareness Sunday 2011

Native American Awareness Sunday 2011
Taking Mission Initiative Partnerships to the Next Level

Taking Mission Initiative Partnerships to the Next Level: Patrick Friday

1-6 of 33