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Online Workshop: Cueca

Bombo drumThis Percussion Workshop was developed by Víctor Rendón and Jorge Lockward for the Second Academy of Global Song, Princeton, NJ, November 2005.

Also known as marinera, zamacueca, or chilena. It is the most popular dance in Chile. It is rhythmically very similar to and can be applied to various 6/8 dances such as the chacarera and malambo from Argentina, the bambuco from Colombia, and the huapango from Mexico.

This is traditionally played on a bombo (see illustration). However, any drum, such as a floor tom from a drumset, can be used.          

x = play on rim of drum with the drumstick.


Other percussive effects.

  1. hand claps on beats 1 and 4.
  2. maracas or shaker doing the same thing on downbeats.

Listen to samples of cueca rythms: