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Online Workshop: Carnavalito 

Bombo drumThis Percussion Workshop was developed by Víctor Rendón and Jorge Lockward for the Second Academy of Global Song, Princeton, NJ, November 2005.

The carnavalito can be applied to any dance felt in "2". It can also be played in 4/4 time by slowing it down.

If a bombo (see illustration) is not available, any tom-like drum tuned to a low pitch will be a good substitute.  

This is another way of playing the carnavalito using the rim of the bombo and a shaker, maracas, etc.

x = play on rim of drum with drumstick. 

Carnavalito 2Carnavalito 2

Listen to samples of carnavalito rhythms:

The following is a list of Global Praise Resources that can be played with a Carnavalito rhythm:

Global Praise 2

  • #28 El cielo canta alegría / Heaven is singing for joy

Global Praise 3

  • #11 Te alabaré, Señor / I give you thanks, O God
  • #172 En medio de la guerra / Amid the pain of war
  • #177 Nos volvemos a Dios/ We return to our God

Tenemos Esperanza

#12  Carnavalito de andar / Carnavalito for the journey