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North America

Singing the Sacred: Musical Gifts from Native American Communities

These songbook and CD resources coincides with the 2008 mission study, "Giving Our Hearts Away: Native American Survival."
Beams of Heaven: Songs of Charles Albert Tindley

CD and Songbook: Charles Albert Tindley was a clergyman of the Methodist Episcopal Church and a founding figure in American gospel music.
Farther Along: The Gospel Collection by Willie and Bobbie Nelson

CD and Songbook: Willie and Bobbie Nelson share their musical and inspirational gifts in their renditions of 17 classic hymns and spiritual songs.
Fly, Pretty Angels, Fly!

CD and Songbooks: A children's musical about heaven, earth, and God's Feast, Holy Communion. Designed to be presented by children with four adults.
God Be In My Heart

Twentieth-Century Sacred solos and duets sung by Robin Fisher, Cynthia Sanner, Steven Kimbrough, and Richard Kennedy.
New Beginnings: Carlton Young

The editor of the 1966 and 1989 hymnals for North American Methodism has written memorable and popular hymns such as "This is the day of new beginnings," "O the depth of love divine" and others are recorded here to honor his contribution to the music and hymnody of United Methodism and its mission.

CD: 12 songs from the African-American experience in the United States.
Steal Away to Jesus

CD and Songbook: Songs of personal and collective pilgrimage, called spirituals, developed from the distinct experiences of slaves and settlers in seventeenth, eighteenth and possibly nineteenth-century North America.