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Global Praise Working Group

Global Praise Working Group
Fall 2006, outside Alma Matthews House, New York, NY, US. Names listed below.

The Global Praise Working group supports the ministry of the Global Praise program. This group widens the circle of information and song gathering, expertise, and consultation on global song that has become the hallmark of the Global Praise Program. Collaborating through the Internet and World Wide Web, this group is the heart and soul of the Global Praise program and serves to provide a regional link with Global Praise resource development and distribution.

Global Praise is honored to have so many persons willing to offer their knowledge and experience in global song with the ministry. You will recognize these names from many resources, consultations, and events around the world focusing on global song.

The Global Praise Working Group includes the Advisory group members, the Global Praise staff, and also experts in the field such as:

Photo above:
Front Row
, L to R: Jorge Lockward (Program Coordinator, Global Praise Program,) Melva Costen (USA,) Per Harling (Sweden,) Carlton Young (Consultant to Global Praise Program,) Joyce Sohl (USA.)
2nd Row, L to R : Mary K. Jackson (USA), S T Kimbrough (Consultant to Global Praise Program,) Simei Monteiro (Brazil,) Claire-Lise Schmidt (France,) Chris Heckert (Business Manager, Global Praise Program,) John Thornburg (USA.)
3rd Row, L to R : Madis Matsikenyiri (Zimbabwe,) Patrick Matsikenyiri (Zimbabwe,) Hartmut Handt (Germany,) Rena Yocom (Consultant to GBGM,) George Mulrain (Trinidad and Tobago.)
Back Row, L to R : Abraham Arpellet (Ivory Coast,) David Pluess (Switzerland,) Pablo Sosa (Argentina,) Tomas Bostrom (Sweden.)