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Reflections and Statements

For the Living of These Days: A Reflection on September 11 by Glory E. Dharmaraj


Candle Light ServiceChurches Plan Peace Vigils

by Linda Bloom on umc.org
9/10/10: United Methodists from New York to Florida are participating in peace vigils Friday night to promote religious understanding in the midst of the raging national controversy over Muslim relations.


The United Methodist Church Episcopal EmblemSeptember 11: A Day for Prayer and Peace

Bishops Larry M. Goodpaster and Neil L. Irons on umc.org
9/9/10: Few us will ever forget where we were on that September morning nine years ago nor those whose lives were taken away in the horror of just a few hours.


Twin Towers Lighted memorialEnd Religious Bigotry, Faith Leaders Say

by Linda Bloom on umc.org
9/8/10: Prompted by the heated debate over plans for an Islamic center and mosque near ground zero in New York spiritual leaders call for repect of all religions.


Bishop Jeremiah Park supports of immigration and freedom of religion.New York Bishop Addresses Issue of Former World Trade Center Location

by Linda Bloom on umc.org
9/2/10: Bishop Jeremiah Park says that to deny religious freedom "makes us less as Americans and weaker as a nation."


Peace on Earth.Florida Pastor Addresses the Need for Peace and Understanding in a Time of Tension

Statement by Dan Johnson on trinitygnv.org
"There is a time to be silent and a time to speak," says Ecclesiastes (3:7). Now is the time to speak up for peace.

JustUs Youth Group Leads 9/11 Worship Service in New York City

Global Ministries
JustUs Youth Group leads worship service on anniversary of 9/11. Read More...

Noel's New York (Drawing)

September 8, 2004
In art class at Victory Christian School in 2001, the young people were asked to draw something regarding the terrorist actions in New York. This was part of their own healing. This was what my son [Steven Noel Sikes, Jr.] drew... He was 15 years old then. Read more...

The World Changed Today

by Andy Smith
September 2001
The world changed today
it was captured on videotape


by Sandra K. Hester
I wish I had the words to comfort you,
In all your pain and grief.