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Native American Ministries Sunday

Native American Awareness Sunday recognizes and supports the contributions of Native Americans to the church and society. The observance, approved by the 1988 General Conference, is one of six special churchwide Sunday offerings. Read More
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Native American Ministries Sunday: Your Offerings at Work!

Anita Phillips is the executive director of the Native American Comprehensive Plan.

The Executive Director of the Native American Comprehensive Plan shares her journey. Read more ...
'Native American Creed'

by the Rev. Roger Scott

I believe in God, Creator of our unique native languages,
Who gifted us this identity as a distinct people through
our native tongues,
so that our native spiritual leaders could relay God's love
to our native people who could not understand
that foreign tongue called English. Read more ...

Native American Comprehensive Plans

The plan enriches United Methodist Native American ministries by developing and supporting existing and new United Methodist Native American congregations ministries and fellowships. Read More
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