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Heritage Sunday

Heritage Sunday (May 24 or the Sunday preceding) is a Special Sunday celebrated by United Methodist congregations to reflect on our heritage, to celebrate the church's history, and look forward to the future.

Portrait of Charles WesleyCelebrating the 300th Anniversary of Charles Wesley's Birth

Charles Wesley is sometimes called the "first Methodist" as he was the first to bring like-minded Christians together in the "Holy Club" at Oxford. Today people are much more familiar with Charles Wesley's hymns than with John Wesley's sermons.  Charles wrote hundreds of hymns, many that are still sung today. He was also one of the most prolific poets in the English language.

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Heritage Sunday shall be observed on Aldersgate Day (May 24), or the Sunday preceding that date. The day provides an opportunity for reflection on heritage, celebration of where the Church has been, how it understands itself as it shapes us today, and the meaning of Christian conferencing. Heritage Sunday calls the Church to remember the past by committing itself to the continuing call of God. (From 265.1, The Book of Discipline, 2004)

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