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Mary Magdalene: Messenger of Jesus

Lent and Easter

A gathering of features and other resources centered on the Lenten season. Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday, is a period of 40 days, not including Sundays, that precede Easter.


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'I Have Seen The Lord!' Easter Greetings 2008

From the Directors, Missionaries, and Staff of the General Board of Global Ministries.
Jesus, the Christ, crucified and resurrected, is with us in our joys and in our suffering. Where will we experience him?


Re-clothed at Easter: Recollection and Promise

by Elliott Wright, Global Ministries
Easter when I was a child growing up in a series of North Alabama parsonages was a thoroughly religious celebration centered in the church. One of few concessions to cultural practice was permission to dye, hide, and hunt eggs. My sister and I could display the eggs in small baskets held over from year to year but were expected to eat them, or return them for kitchen use, before they spoiled. We were never heard anything at home about the Easter Bunny and we received no stuffed Easter animals, colored chicks, or chocolate rabbits.


Eating Grace: Lenten Reflection for Maundy Thursday, 2008

by Jamie Michaels
I can't recall now who said it; it started out as a joke. My Young Adult Missionary class had just gotten out of a communion service during our training last summer. We were eating the leftover bread, and someone had joked about how tasty the grace of God was – warm and chewy, perfectly accompanied by a few drops of grape juice.


Wounded for Whom? Good Friday 2008

by Sally Wisner Ott, Global Ministries Missionary
Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice on the cross - for us. What, then, is the sacrifice that we are to make?


Feasting Upon Bread and God's Grace: Maundy Thursday 2008

by Jamie Michaels
It started out as a joke at my young adult missionary class training. Last summer, as we were eating leftover bread from communion, someone commented about how tasty God's grace is; it is warm and chewy, perfectly accompanied by a few drops of grape juice.


"Faith...Just a Little Faith:" Fifth Week of Lent

by Rev. Meri Whitaker
... As I read the Scriptures for today this phrase kept coming back to me..."I see dead people." You might know, I would get the Scriptures that deliver a seemingly morbid message. Ezekiel was taken to a field that was full of dead, dried bones. The bones themselves said that they were "dried and hope was lost." (vs. 11) Ezekiel did as God commanded. He prophesied and the bones came together, he prophesied again and the muscle and the flesh came upon them but there was NO breath in them.


Seeing with New Eyes: Fourth Week of Lent 2008

by Kathy Kraiza
For over 20 years, my job required my family to move every three or four years. Each move would take us somewhere new and exciting. As outsiders, we would see our surroundings with new eyes. In the beginning, we were anxious to take advantage of our newness, visiting all of local tourist attractions, the beaches, the museums, and the zoos. After a period of time, we settled into the everyday routine of life and would tire of site seeing. I often think of how many wonderful sites we missed simply because we became complacent.


'God Can': Third Week of Lent 2008

by Judith Atwood, deaconess and diaconal minister
February 21, 2008:  As we move in this third week of Lent, we discover in the lectionary readings a theme around thirst. In a story from Exodus, thirsty Israelites wandering in the wilderness demand water from Moses. In John's gospel, Jesus asks the woman at the well (a Samaritan woman at that) for water; then he offers her the living water of eternal life and promises that anyone who drinks of it will never be thirsty again. In Romans, we are reminded that we have the love of God which has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit.


Where Will Our Help Come From? Lent 2008

By David Hosey
I live in a place that knows how to ask the question: "Where will our help come from?" The voice that sings the 121st song is not foreign to Palestine or to Palestinians. Living here, working and speaking each day with Palestinian Christians, I hear in almost ever word the question: "Where will our help come from?"


Christ on Earth: Second Week of Lent

by Lindsey Kerr
February 17, 2008: In the context of Lent, we are called to look at where Christ is, was, and will be in our world. In Psalm 121 and Genesis 12 we are called to remember the very physical nature of our Judaic-Christian experience with God. Lift thine eyes to the hills, not past reality into a different realm. The Lord is right here, in the mountains of our lives. The Lord is aware of our struggles as we climb through life and will not let us stumble or lose our way.


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