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Mary Magdalene: Messenger of Jesus

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The dove represents peace.Sin, Sackcloth, and the Spirit: Ash Wednesday Reflection

by Glory E. Dharmaraj
2/17/10: The Lenten journey, which starts on Ash Wednesday signals a lengthened time set apart for spiritual health practices in the days to come.


Pilgrimages for Peace (UMW): Ash Wednesday, February 25, 2009

by Lyda Pierce
They left their families, their homes and their jobs. They left communities where they felt safe, where they knew the language, where the streets were familiar such that they could find their way to buy groceries while thinking about something else. They came to a place where the people spoke a different language; where it didn’t matter if you could find the grocery store as its shelves where nearly empty; where they would find young soldiers with automatic weapons on the street corners; and where the occasional boom of a supersonic spy plane would rattle the buildings and send people running for cover.