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Mary Magdalene: Messenger of Jesus

Resources - onsite

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Lenten reflections for 2011


Giving Up Enemies for Lent Giving Up Enemies for Lent

by Dan Licardo
When we pray for those who wrong us, we transform ourselves and become clearer channels for God's power, through which we can promote peace with justice in the world.


The Need for Community: Lent 2011 The Need for Community: Lent 2011

by Rachael Barnett
I need a community. Mark needed a community. We can all agree that we are called into a community of faithful believers and encouraging challengers.


Rachel HarveyReconciling Ministries Lenten Devotional 2011

by Rachel Harvey
Every day I join my voice and feet with people who are singing new songs and dancing to new steps, knowing one day all of our gifts, love, and families will be included in the church.


UBL Prayer CalendarLenten Prayer Calendar from Latin American Biblical University

03/07/11An annual Lenten Prayer Calendar invites prayers for students at the Latin American Biblical University in San Jose, Costa Rica.


Jerusalem Lent as a Journey

By Elliott Wright
Jesus is almost always on the road in the New Testament Gospels, first traveling around Galilee, preaching, healing, and teaching his disciples the lessons of faith.


Lenten reflections for 2010


The loaves and fishes of Mark 6:37: Give Ye Them to EatPrayer Calendar: Give Ye Them to Eat

Global Ministries missionaries Terry and Muriel Henderson ask you to pray for the people in this program; GYTTE works with marginalized people and communities in Mexico.  (PDF; 4 pp, 932K) PDF: Portable Document File


Universidad Bíblica Latinoamericana/The Latin American Biblical UniversityPrayer Calendar: Latin American Biblical University

The staff, professors, and students of the center for Latin American Theological studies ask for your daily prayers during this Lenten season. (PDF; 4 pp, 770K) PDF: Portable Document File


More Global Ministries Resources

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