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African Americans have played important roles in the development of the United States; the recognition of their roles in growth and development from a historical perspective is an important step in celebrating the contributions of individuals and the collective changes the African American community has brought about. Read more about Black History Month...

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Reflections on Black History Month: A Faithful Hope

February 9, 2007
It is custom and tradition to remember the ancestors and elders who have prepared our way. So it is with this in mind that I recall: Fannie Lou Hammer, Kwame Toure, Mary Mcleod Bethune, Sojurner Truth, Marcus Garvey, Muhammad Ali, Bell Hooks, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Billy Holiday, Ossie Davis, Assata Shakur, KRS One, Audre Lord, James Brown, Angela Davis, Martin & Malcolm, our mothers and grandmothers, our fathers and grandfathers. Read more ...
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Reflections on Black History Month
February 1, 2007
Black History Month grew from a need for America to know and embrace the contributions that African Americans made to the formation and development of the country. Growing up and attending public schools in Alabama, I can not recall reading anything positive about African Americans in a history book. We were blessed with visionary teachers who went beyond the textbook and exposed us to information about black Americans who were making history.  Read more ...
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Read about Black History: Some Recommended Titles and Reviews
February 23, 2007
In keeping with the intent of Black History Month, Global Ministries encourages you to consider some books for reading, review, study and sharing.  Read more ...
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Movie, Campaign Link Past and Present Slavery
January 31, 2007
The last letter that John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, wrote before his death was to William Wilberforce, a member of Parliament fighting to end the British slave trade. ... The movie "Amazing Grace," opening Feb. 23 in U.S. theaters, chronicles his efforts, and a related campaign focuses on ending modern-day slavery in the world. Read more ...
Source: United Methodist News Service
Interfaith Musical Tribute to Dr. King Features Gospel Music of Methodist Author
January 26, 2007
Yes, that was African American gospel music coming from a Jewish synagogue in White Plains, New York, one Sunday afternoon in mid-January. And part of the audience at Congregational Kol Ami was Jewish, part Muslim and part Christian, including a fair share of United Methodists. Read more ...
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Global Ministries Remembers Dr. King
January 12, 2007
As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s legacy is celebrated across the United States on Monday, January 15, 2007, all people are invited to read, educate, and give this year through Global Ministries. Read More ...
Source: GBGM Mission News
Black History Month: The Dream That Lives On
It's been hundreds of years since African people were first brought over to America in ships and sold as chattel. Today, however, the words "African" and "American" sound as natural together as bread and butter. Read More...
Our Story Found in the Black Methodist Missionary Story
Black History Month offers a wonderful opportunity to hear the story of the Holy Spirit's working in the world through the contributions of black people in the history of missions in The United Methodist Church. If we happen not to be of black heritage, these stories offer an opportunity to hear our own story and to learn more about who we all are. Read More...
Black History Month...And Still
"To be afraid is to have more faith in evil than in God" Quite a sobering thought! This quote comes from Emmet Fox’s, Power Through Constructive Thinking. Read More...
Sunday Mornings; A Black History Month Perspective
The 11:00 a.m. Sunday Morning hour has been long established as the most segregated hour in America. An adage frequently quoted by the civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., this was confirmed again in a recently aired documentary "America Beyond The Color Line: Dialogues with African Americans." Based on the companion book by Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., the study examines the social and economic standing of Blacks in America during the thirty-five years since the death of Dr. King. Read More...

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