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Beyond the Church Doors:

Rethink Church

Rethink Church is a new United Methodist campaign that seeks to redefine the church experience beyond the church doors and invite people to become engaged in the world. It was publicly launched in the United States on May 5 and 6, 2009, in Washington, DC and New York City. Advertising began on April 20.

Rethink Church: What if Church was a Verb? offers congregations, annual conferences, and individuals the resources to start and launch a Rethink Church strategy. The site describes training opportunities in the areas of welcoming, connecting, and identifying, as well as downloadable tools and a lectionary resource that provides thematic ideas, along with Scripture verses to use in exploring those themes.

Articles on Rethink Church:

What if we ReThink Church?Rethink Church Ads to Appear on Times Square

by David Briggs, UMNS
7/2/09: Fifteen-second spots began airing on the CBS "Super Screen" on July first. Read full story at umc.org


The Rev. Huibing He hands a music download card and church Web site information to Jason Wright on 125th Street in Harlem.Volunteers Hit Streets as Way to "Rethink Church"

by Linda Bloom, United Methodist News Service
5/6/09: 160 United Methodist volunteers spread across New York to perform random acts of kindness as part of a launch of the "Rethink Church" campaign.

Bishop Thomas Bickerton visits with Alicia Galvez at the Gaithersburg (Md.) Workers Center.Bishops Launch Rethink Church With Worker Outreach

by Linda Green, United Methodist News Service
5/5/09: United Methodist bishops brought support, fellowship and Holy Communion to day labor sites as part of the launch of the “Rethink Church” campaign taking faith out into the world.

What if Church considered ecology part of theology?United Methodist Web Site Opens Church Doors

by Linda Green, United Methodist News Service
4/20/09: There are thousands of ways to be church in the world, and United Methodists do not want to miss any of them in an innovative Web site inviting a new generation into a life of faith and service.

Resources on Rethink Church:

Red church doors offer a welcome.Rethink Church: What If?

This site on umcom.org offers everything your congregation needs to learn about this campaign then get started, find resources, training, advertsining and grants.


What if Church came with a sippy cup and a bib?10thousanddoors.org

This site offers a Rethink Church 101 guide, an FAQ, Rethink Church training opportunities, a lectionary resource and offers downloadable tools, such as videos and graphics.


Rethink Church button on a red T-shirt.Rethink Church Resources from umcom.org

Free Rethink Church brochures and DVDs, red Rethink Church T-shirts, ($10) and Rethink Church buttons (20 for $10) can be ordered online.