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2009 News

UMCOR Helps a Gaza Family Find Refuge

Homeless Palestinians are pictured in the devastated district of Zeitun following Israel's three-week long offensive in Gaza Strip January 24UMCOR Helps a Gaza Family Find Refuge:

Hanadi (not her real name) has faced many challenges in her thirty-three years. Her husband died from cancer and she was raising their six children as a widow in Gaza.
UMCOR Responds to Gaza Relief Needs

Action by Churches Together staff unload and distribute nutritional biscuits and fortified milk in the Gaza Strip.UMCOR Responds to Gaza Relief Needs

by Linda Bloom, United Methodist News Service
1/27/09: With a tentative cease-fire holding between Israel and Hamas, humanitarian organizations are stepping up their assistance to Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip.
United Methodists Look to Assist Civilians in Gaza

Palestinians in Gaza City congregate near the site of a medical clinic destroyed Jan. 10 by Israeli missiles.United Methodists Look to Assist Civilians in Gaza

by Linda Bloom
1/13/09: Those caught in the war zone have have no food, water, or electricity and they are afraid for their lives. Damage to medical facilities has become another major concern.
Mission Leaders Stress Humanitarian Needs in Call for Ceasefire in Gaza
January 7, 2009
The United Methodist Church supports international law and equal rights as the basis for just and lasting peace for both Israelis and Palestinians.
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