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Middle East

Map of Middle East highlighting Lebanon and Israel.Global Ministries encourages people of faith throughout God's world to be in constant prayer for the Holy Land and for the implementation of serious and effective plans for peaceful resolution of the region's crises.

How to Help: UMCOR is contributing to humanitarian efforts in the Gaza Strip through multiple partner agencies already at work in the region. The complex issues surrounding the situation in Gaza are compounded by limited access to the region. You can support these efforts to bring medicine, food and other aid to the Gaza Strip by giving to the Middle East Emergency Fund #601740. Give securely online.

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Arabic-language 'Upper Room' Editor Criticizes Mideast Policy
UMNS August 17, 2006
U.S. policies in the Middle East would change if the Christian church, a "sleeping giant," would speak out in a loud voice against injustice and violence.  That opinion was expressed with strong emotion Aug. 16 by the Rev. Albert Isteero, a longtime Christian leader from the Middle East, who spoke at the weekly worship service at the Upper Room Chapel. He also described the challenges that Christians face in Muslim countries. Read more ...
Mission Leader Thanks God and Diplomats for Ceasefire
August 16, 2006
New York, NY, August 16, 2006-The head of The United Methodist Church's mission agency has thanked God and praised the diplomats who brokered the ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah forces in southern Lebanon.  Read more ...
Bishop Praises President Bush for Role in Mideast Cease-fire
UMNS August 16, 2006
The president of the United Methodist Council of Bishops has written a letter to U.S. President George W. Bush, praising him for his leadership in bringing about a cease-fire between Israel and the Hezbollah militant group. "Thank you for your leadership in the United Nations adopting the resolution which has served as the basis for the cease fire in Lebanon and Israel," wrote Bishop Janice Riggle Huie. "We are grateful that you have worked to lay the foundation for further negotiations to bring long- term stability to the region."  Read more ...
Women's Division Head Joins Interfaith Action for Middle East Peace
August 1, 2006
Women's Division deputy general secretary Jan Love last week signed onto an interfaith plea for A Season of Prayer for Peace in the Middle East. Read more...
Mission Executive Condemns Bombing of Lebanese Village and Recalls Similar Incident in 1996
July 31, 2006
The chief mission executive of The United Methodist Church today condemned the Israeli bombing of civilians in the Lebanese village of Qana on July 30 and the earlier bombing of a United Nations observation post on the Israel-Lebanon border. Read more...
United Methodist Relief Agency Needs Funds for Middle East Crisis
July 25, 2006
The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) today issued an urgent appeal for funds to assist civilians caught in the renewed fighting in the Middle East. Read more...
Letter from a Missionary in the Middle East War Zone
Janet Lahr Lewis, UM Mission Personnel in PalestineJuly 18, 2006
Janet Lahr Lewis, United Methodist missionary in Palestine, describes some of the situation in the Middle East Crisis from her perspective and updates us about her safety in a letter. Read more....
UMCOR Hotline: "Middle East Violence Continues"

July 18, 2006
As the bombing continues in both Lebanon and Israel, UMCOR partners in the area are determining the best way to bring relief in this rapidly changing situation. Travel in the region is difficult, preventing relief supply delivery and evacuation of the area. Read more...

Middle East Mission Personnel Update: Mission Intern Leaves Lebanon
July 17, 2006
United Methodist mission intern Ryan Clayburn, who was in Beirut when the Israeli bombing began on July 13, was in transit out of the Middle East on July 17. Read more...
Mission Leader Calls for Peace Efforts in Middle East
July 14, 2006
The head of the United Methodist mission agency today called on the United Nations and the major powers to take quick and decisive action to end the renewed military action in the Middle East. Read more...
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World Council Calls for Prayer for Middle East Peace
The World Council of Churches (WCC) general secretary Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia
encouraged the Council's member churches to pray for all those suffering as
a result of the Middle East crisis, to support the appeals for emergency aid
and to speak out for justice among the states and peoples in the region.  Read more...
Statement from the United Methodist General Board of Church and Society
The General Board of Church and Society statement on the  Current Violence in Israel, Gaza and Lebanon: Read more...
United Methodists Join Pleas for End to Middle East Violence

UMNS:  United Methodists are joining other religious leaders in deploring the recent explosion of violence in the Middle East and calling for an international response.

"We join others who deplore the escalating violence in Israel, Gaza and Lebanon and urge parties to mediate the conflict and end the mounting casualties among the innocent," said Bishop Janice Riggle Huie of Houston, president of the United Methodist Council of Bishops.  Read more...


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