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Earthquake Recovery News

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Immigration/Justice Immigration Services Available at Justice For Our Neighbors Immigration Clinics

by Kim Lehmann
2/8/10: "Temporary Protective Status" (TPS)  permits eligible Haitians to stay and work in the US for 18 months. UMCOR's JFON ministry continues to offer free legal clinics.


Women of the Haitian Artisans for Peace International (HAPI) using recycled cement bags to make smallOf HAPI-ness, Gratitude Journals, and Haiti

A small gratitude journal can make a huge difference. A ten-dollar journal from United Methodist mission partner HAPI not only enhances one's gratitude but helps a local artist in Haiti return to work.


UMCOR: 70 Years of HopeUMCOR: Haiti FAQS

As UMCOR begins the long term work with the people of Haiti, the response is complex. To learn more about how your gifts are helping rebuild lives, please review some common questions and answers about UMCOR's relief efforts.


Residents walk past a cemetery damaged by the earthquake in Port-au-Prince.UMCOR Field Office Opens in Haiti

The United Methodist Committee on Relief opened a field office in Port-au-Prince and is hiring full-time staff as part of a five-year plan to help rebuild Haiti after the Jan. 12 earthquake.


Members of First United Methodist Church of Flushing took a special collection to help UMCOR's relief in Haiti.Large Korean-American Church Gives Generously to Haiti

by Mary Beth Coudal and Chris Heckert
2/8/10: First United Methodist Church of Flushing held a special offering; that, combined with a gift from the church, totals $60,000 toward UMCOR's relief efforts in Haiti.


UMCOR is working with the Methodist Church in Haiti to provide access to foodUMCOR Haiti Relief Efforts:  One Month Later

by Linda Unger
2/14/10: In four weeks UMCOR has assessed damages and needs, developed a five-year work plan, shored up strategic partnerships, and leased office space and hired staff to run a field office set to open this week.


New York JFON attorney T.J. Mills helps AndreJustice for Our Neighbors Helps Haitians in US Find Balance

by Linda Unger
2/11/10: "We're talking about a community that already is stressed ...On top of that, now they have lost family in Haiti or have surviving relatives who want to join them here."


Emotional needs must be addressed in the wake of a disaster.Aftershock Reaches Haitians in U.S.

by Linda Unger
2/10/10: Following earthquake in Haiti, Rev. Thomas Toussaint waited and wept with congregants who called or came by the Haitian mission he pastors in Orlando, Florida.


Strength for the people of Haiti.Haiti Updates

United Methodist Women
Daily news, letters, and reflections as the people of Haiti work toward recovery.


Assembling health kits is one of several ways individuals and churches can help Haiti.You Can Help Haiti Now

by Linda Unger
2/3/10: Volunteers who would travel to the devastated Caribbean nation are being asked to delay their plans, bu there are many other ways you can help Haiti now.


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