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A Future With Hope; General Conference 2008 - Fort Worth Texas

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Mission Papers

Mission Papers: Connecting the Church in Mission
Mission Papers are published every four years by the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church specifically for the delegates to the denomination's quadrennial General Conference. Eight papers are available.
Mission Papers 2008:
#1 - He Fed the Hungry and Ate with Sinners: Ministries of Compassion
By Elliott Wright. Each of the papers in this series points toward an unexpected source of God's grace; a Jew, born in humble surroundings, condemned to die between two thieves, who so incarnates the compassion of God that he - Jesus, the Christ - is eternal, the very source of faith, and hope, and love - our example in mission and the wellspring of our capacity to be in mission.
Mission Papers 2008:
#2 - Ministry to the Least of These
By Kathleen LaCamera. In a world of need and pain, how do we decide whoto help? As a church, we face these uncomfortable, almost impossible, decisions all the time, deciding how to allocate inevitably finite resources to mission projects affecting lives around the globe.
Mission Papers 2008:
#3 - The Church, Economics, and Migration: God Crosses Borders
By Harold J. Recinos. The late 20th and early 21st centuries show post colonial migrants onthe move around the globe and taking up residence in places other than where they were born.
Mission Papers 2008:
#4 - More Life and Less Death: Methodism as a Positive Epidemic
By Gary R. Gunderson. Can we imagine the Methodist movement as a positive epidemic? Dare we say, an epidemic of life? Let's try.
Mission Papers 2008:
#5 - Women and Poverty in Mission Context
By Gloria E. Dharmaraj. Christian mission calls for active engagement in the realization of fullness of life. Jesus says, "I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly" (John 10:10).
Mission Papers 2008:
#6 - To the Ends of the Earth
By Sam Dixon. The United Methodist Church is active in mission around the world today with an energy that had not been seen for many decades prior to the 1990s.
Mission Papers 2008:
#7 - Health Ministries for Congregations and Communities
United Methodist congregation-based health ministries are expanding rapidly today, especially in the United States, partly in response to an aging church membership and partly because of a growing awareness that maintaining and improving physical health is a significant expression of Christian mission.
Mission Papers 2008:
#8 - The Global and the Local in Christian Mission
The Methodist “connexion” as envisioned by John Wesley in 1738, and extending over the years into the twenty-first-century United Methodist connection, is founded upon a model of Christian conferencing as a spiritual discipline.