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A Future With Hope; General Conference 2008 - Fort Worth Texas

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General Conference 2008 News

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This child would go hungry without assistance through an Advance Project in Bolivia.Increasing Commitment to the Poor

by Michelle Scott
5/1/08: Engaging in Ministry with the Poor is one of four focus areas for The United Methodist Church for the next quadrennium.

The Book of DisciplineNew Mission Statement Directs Church to Transform the World

by Christie R. House
5/1/08: An overwhelming majority of delegates to the 2008 General Conference voted to make the change.

La Nouvelle déclaration de mission dirige les disciples vers la transformer le monde

2 Mai 2008 | FORT WORTH, Texas (UMNS): L’Eglise Méthodiste Unie a raffiné sa déclaration de mission le 28 Avril, pour l’impliquer dans la vie et le travail de l’église.

La nouvelle déclaration se lit de la manière suivante, «La Mission de l’Eglise est de faire les disciples de Jésus Christ pour la transformation du monde.» Cette phrase a été ajoutée et va apparaître dans le Livre de Discipline de l’Eglise Méthodiste Unie, le document officiel de la dénomination.


Bishop Hee-Soo JungBishop Says United Methodists in Tension Between Hospitality and Holinesss

by Elliott Wright
5/1/08: Both "are biblical values and both are right, but they can [also] both be wrong."

Girls often have limited educationalGeneral Conference Acts on Girls' Rights, Mercury in Vaccines

by Yvette Moore
5/1/08: Women's Division initiated the resolutions jointly approved by General Conference delegates in an 839-34 vote.

Bishop Solito K. Toquero of ManillaAs a Young Deaconess Is Mourned, United Methodists Support Human Rights in the Philippines

by Rebecca C. Asedillo
5/1/08: General Conference calls for an immediate stop to killings and all forms of human rights violations.

Virginia TornadoesMultiple Tornadoes Destroy Parts of Virginia

4/30/08: As many as eight tornadoes ripped up parts of central and southeastern Virginia on Monday, April 28.

Ellen Johnson SirleafAfrica's First Elected Woman President Hails Church's Mission Work in Historic Address

by Yvette Moore
4/30/2008: "Africa is on the way back"

A delegate addresses General Conference 2008.United Methodist Assembly Decides that Building a Global Church Requires Planning

by Andrew J. Schleicher
5/1/08: The growth of The United Methodist Church in Africa is raising questions about church organization and leadership.

Boots and shoes symbolize people killed in the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq.General Conference Counters Hate, Torture, Violence, and Genocide

by Yvette Moore
4/30/08: The resolution reaffirms the denomination's historical opposition to acts of hate, hate speech, and violence and urges the church to redouble efforts to speak out against hate crimes.

11-20 of 68