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2007 News and Features


Congregational Development School To Expand to Two Sites in 2008Congregational Development School To Expand to Two Sites in 2008

The annual United Methodist School of Congregational Development is being expanded to two sites next year to accommodate the growing interest in new congregation starts and older congregational revitalization within the denomination.


Dr. Jean Twenge IconUnderstanding "Generation Me: "
An Author Advises the Church

A popular book that takes issue with the self-esteem movement and its "I am special" ideology became a primer for United Methodist leaders struggling to reach the contemporary young-adult generation.


SCD Jones iconThe United Methodist Church Embarks on Effort to Start Hundreds of New Congregations

The United Methodist Church is aiming to move forward to a point in the future where, like a benchmark in its past, it will establish one new congregation every day in the United States.

SCD Grace UMC iconChurch Finds Its Future by Relying on God's Grace

A decade ago Grace United Methodist Church in Olathe, Kansas faced a dilemma. It had outgrown its building and could not expand on the site. Although the church owned property at a new location, it could not find a buyer for the old, a sale thought essential to finance a move. So Grace Church decided to rely on God's grace for the future.


Rev. Caldwell was the keynote speaker at the 2007 School of Congregational Development.Congregations Grow when "Love Meets Needs"

Churches grow when "love meets needs," the pastor of The United Methodist Church's largest congregation said in opening an annual gathering of church developers.