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Board Meetings of the General Board of Global Ministries

Fall Board Meeting 2011

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Bishop Bruce OughBishop Challenges United Methodists to Follow Jesus "On the Road" in Mission

by Elliott Wright
10/12/10: Bishop Bruce Ough said: Ministry on the road invests in reaching the lost and downtrodden, the sin-sick and hopeless; invites faith and offers salvation and shalom.


Board of Directors, April 2010


Digital camera; viewfinderPhotos: April 2010 Board Meeting

Monday, April 12
Tuesday, April 13
Wednesday, April 14


Haiti EarthquakeHaiti Pilot Project Readied for Mission Volunteers

by Elliott Wright
4/14/10: Volunteer in Mission service in Haiti will focus on housing, health, education, and pastoral services and will involve Haitians as well as others from outside the country.


Strength for the people of Haiti."Collaborating Like Never Before:"
   Global Ministries' Work in Haiti

by Mary Beth Coudal
4/14/10: Coordination, collaboration, and capacity-building are watchwords in the wake of the tremor that killed 250,000 people and decimated thousands of homes and livelihoods.


Thomas KemperGod is Coming Toward Us

Thomas Kemper's Address to Board of Directors
4/13/10: Global Ministries' new general secretary introduces himself, expresses appreciation, and sets mission priorities in his first address to the Board.


Rev. Cynthia Fierro HarveyPastor from Texas to Lead UMCOR

by Elliott Wright
4/13/10: The Rev. Cynthia Harvey was elected by Global Ministries directors to succeed the Rev. Sam Dixon, who was killed in January in the Haiti earthquake.


Bishop Bruce R. OughUnited Methodist Bishop Calls for More Missionaries in More Places

by Elliott Wright
4/12/10: Bishop Bruce R. Ough appealed to Global Ministries directors in their semiannual meeting.


Board of Directors, October 2009


Digital camera; viewfinderPhotos: October 2009 Board Meeting

Monday, October 12: Worship and Plenary photos
Tuesday, October 13: Worship and Plenary photos
Commissioning Service: Tuesday, October 13


21-30 of 101