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2006 Fall GBGM

Board of Directors, Fall 2006


Native American United Methodist Weaves Stories of Heritage and Faith

October 23, 2006
"I do not know why I am here today. I have asked God to teach me things of your lives...God connects lives in intangible and remarkable ways," thus began Ray Buckley, a Native American storyteller who was a part of two of the four devotions at the annual board meeting for directors of Global Ministries.

Native American Gifts at Board Meeting

October 23, 2006
During the opening communion service, Rev. David Wilson reflected on Isaiah Chapter 40, a biblical passage full of the beauty of nature that "reminds us of whose we are." Rev. Wilson, along with Josephine Deere, organized and led the morning devotions at the annual board meeting in Stamford, Connecticut, from October 9 through 12, 2006. Both Wilson and Deere are from the Oklahoma Missionary Conference, which represents about 90 churches in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas.

Betty Edwards, Comptroller, Celebrated

October 20, 2006
On Monday night, October 9, 2006, at the annual meeting of the Global Ministries' board of directors, comptroller Betty Edwards was celebrated in a fellowship dinner, entitled "A Celebration of Calls to Mission." Ms. Edwards was honored alongside Ms. Jan Love, who is leaving her post as chief executive of the Women's Division.

Mission Leader Calls United Methodists To Build Vital, Confident Congregations for the Future

October 12, 2006
What image do United Methodists have of themselves as a church today? What image do they need to have if they are to both attract new members and fulfill their mission in the world? These questions were posed by the chief mission official of The United Methodist Church in an address dealing with how the global denomination moves into the future, especially with regard to the formation of new congregations and the strengthening of existing one.

United Methodist Church is Sending Its First Missionaries to Thailand

October 11, 2006
The United Methodist Church is sending its first missionaries to Thailand in South East Asia. A clergy couple from Kentucky is carrying the United Methodist banner into a land where most of the people are Buddhist. The Rev. Michael W. Morrissey, Jr., and the Rev. Sherri Tabaka- Morrissey were commissioned on October 10 in Stamford, CT by the General Board of Global Ministries, the international mission agency of the denomination.

New United Methodist Missionaries Receive A Blessing of Bread from Those Retiring

October 11, 2006
Fourteen new United Methodist missionaries each received a loaf of bread for the journey from 14 retiring missionaries as the new missionaries were sent to serve in ten different countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Mission Leader Calls North Korean Test “Deplorable

October 9, 2006
The chief mission executive of The United Methodist Church strongly protested the testing of a nuclear weapon by North Korea on October 8. "It is a deplorable act of aggression against the prospects of a more peaceful world," said the Rev. R. Randy Day in a statement issued on the opening day of the annual meeting of directors of the church's General Board of Global Ministries.

Directors of Mission Agency Step Up Advocacy Of Just Immigration Laws in the US and Elsewhere

October 20, 2006
The directors of The United Methodist Church's mission agency are urging church members to take up the case of just migration laws worldwide, including federal and state immigration measures in the United States.