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New Jersey Supports Congo Aviation Ministry

Steve and Gail QuiggThe Greater New Jersey Annual Conference raised $195,109 for a unique ministry, Wings of the Morning. Saving lives by transporting people, medicine, and supplies through small planes in Africa helps with safety, security, and operation excellence. Even though United Methodist airplanes have been flying for 50 years in the region, everyone runs outside to watch the plane descend in the remote areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Watch a video of how the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference raised $195,109 for Wings of the Morning aviation ministry.

Special offering taken at the Greater NJ Annual ConferenceWhether they run to the landing strip to meet Aunt Susan coming back from the hospital, a new supply of medicines, or a new seminary teacher,"the biggest and best thing to come out of every plane these days is not what is found in the cargo pod or in the passenger compartment, it's what's found in the front left seat, because out of every United Methodist airplane found in the Congo is a Congolese pilot. And that is a heritage well worth celebrating," said missionary Stephen Quigg at the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference.

Gaston Ntambo is one such pilot who has risked it all to save lives and pilot the small, ecologically-sound planes of the Wings of Morning in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Photos: Top: Steve & Gail Quigg are missionaries with the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church, assigned to church aviation ministries. Center: (left to right) Rosa Williams, Gail Quigg, Steve Quigg, Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar, at the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference.
Photo Credit: Sushil Bhujbal. Video Credit: United Methodist TV.