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United Methodist Church in Hungary Regains State RecognitionUnited Methodist Church in Hungary Regains State Recognition

The United Methodist Church in Hungary has regained official state recognition, after having been removed from the list of "privileged" religious groups by Parliament in the summer of 2011.


Adam marches in protest of the big mining industryA Mission of Solidarity: Adam Shaw in the Philippines

by Julia Kayser
Under a hot and humid December sky, 800 Filipino protesters were marching. Some farmed rice paddies for a living, some fished, and some scraped by in the big cities.


connectNmission Enewletter connectNmission: February 2012, Issue 15

As you read through this month's connectNmission, identify ways that you can harness the enthusiasm of young people in your community. Do you know someone who shows promise as a missionary or volunteer?


Alaska Missionary in the Snow

Nome usually has long, cold winters, and Christopher Steppe, a United Methodist young adult missionary in the Alaskan city, thought he had packed enough heavy gear when he headed there from his native Virginia last September.


Canto Metodista Canto Metodista Website

The National Plan for Hispanic/Latino Ministry in partnership with Global Praise has launched  a fully bilingual liturgical and musical online resource. For more information, please contact Jorge Lockward at jlockwar@gbgm-umc.org.


two young men with a basketballSPSARV Podcast Features North Carolina Ministry

Audio is available. The Rev. Sharon Harris and Saint Anthony Lloyd of the North Carolina Conference's Rockingham District Partners in Ministry Substance Abuse Program were interviewed in SPSARV's podcast about teaching young people drug-resistance skills.


1-6 of 250