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A 2007-2008 Mission Study

Israel-Palestine Book Cover

by Stephen Goldstein, study guide by Sandra Olewine

June 2008: Mission Study Update: Israel-Palestine Issues and the 2008 General Conference Portable Document Format PDF (7pp, 403K)

Any understanding of what is happening in Israel-Palestine today demands that we listen for the voices that tell the story of how the past has shaped the present and will continue to shape the future.

Because history is so inextricably bound to the reality in Israel/Palestine today, the adult study book focuses on that history. Participants will find in the study guide:

The overall goal of this study of Israel-Palestine is help the people of The United Methodist Church wrestle with the dilemmas, realities, injustices, fears, dreams, and visions of the two peoples of the three faiths who call the land where Jesus walked home.

How we frame an understanding of the situation in Israel-Palestine depends on our own experiences and the perceptions that arise out of those experiences. Participants are encouraged to spend some time reflecting on their own impressions of Israel-Palestine, considering whose voices they have heard and what viewpoints have been expressed. They are invited to reflect on whose voices have been muffled or absent, and how has this affected their view of what is happening.

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